Beat Diet Boredom, Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Did you know one of the main reasons give up dieting is because of ‘diet boredom.’? Diet boredom is when people restrict their diet and, as a result, eat repetitive meals of the same old ‘boring’ food. 

There are two issues here. 

The first one is a lot to unpack (and that’s for another post), but it is diet culture on the whole! There is so much confusing information out there about how to lose weight, FAD diets, and ‘healthy’ ultra-processed low calorie diet food that is FULL of chemicals, preservatives and stuff that you just really don’t want to float around in your body – I say floating because it is very likely you would develop leaky gut with a diet like this.

Then there are the oversimplified views: ‘losing weight is just calories in and calories out.’ Yes, if you want to lose weight then you need to be consuming less than what you are burning, but it is not that simple. Lots of imbalances such as a low functional thyroid and/or estrogen dominance in women can hinder weight loss and your metabolism. Read more on why you stop losing weight here.

Basically, it’s hard to know where you stand when it comes to dieting, and unfortunately, this might result in a plain meal of chicken, rice and broccoli 5 nights a week. 

The second issue is that ‘diets’, in their traditional form, aren’t a sustainable or healthy way of eating. Reaching your goal weight and maintaining it can only come from having a basic understanding of nutrition, how food impacts more than just your waistline, healing from within so that your metabolism and bodily systems are functioning optimally and having a diverse and nutritious diet. However, let’s not run before we can walk. 

Healthy food does not have to be boring, and ‘diet’ food isn’t always healthy. So, how do you lose weight healthily, without getting the dreaded ‘diet boredom.’? 


The moment you start thinking of your diet as ‘restrictive’ is the moment you are destined to fail. Ever heard the saying ‘you want what you can’t have?’. That works for food too. Psychology says that if you feel restricted then you are more likely to push the boundaries. 

This is why you need to RETHINK restriction. Rather than not being ‘allowed’ to have food, you are enabling yourself the opportunity to reach your goals and giving your body the chance to rebalance, lose excess and unwanted body fat, so you can finally be a healthier and happier you. 


There are SO many healthy, nutritious, low kcal and super delicious meals, snacks, smoothies and desserts that can be made without refined sugar, gluten and any other nasties. You just need to know where to find them! I can save you the research time – Synergised Nutrition is chock-a-block full of tempting treats, hearty meals, and tasty meals to satisfy your palate, whilst know you are feeding your body only goodness and nothing else! 

By varying your meals, it will make it very difficult to become bored of what you’re eating, and you may even discover some new favourite dishes! Plus, learning new recipes is fun and good for your mind as well as your body! Short on time? I have lots of meal prep recipes that can be planned, cooked and ready for the week, all in an afternoon’s work. 


Did you know if you are more energised and enthusiastic in one aspect of your life, you are less likely to become bored in another? If you are constantly doing the same exercises, the same walks and the same machines at the gym, you’re going to get tired and bored of your healthy lifestyle. 

Go on a different walk, try a new class or experiment with your normal gym routine to mix up your exercise. This will not only stimulate your mind AND keep things exciting but it will also help you burn calories. With your focus on your movement, you are less likely to feel bogged down by your diet. 


Come on guys, you know me by now! I’m never one for surface level work, it’s all about going deeper because that is how you achieve life-long results. If you have weight to lose, or body fat is being especially stubborn, there is usually a reason WHY. 

There are so many health issues, conditions and imbalances which can cause you to gain weight or make it difficult to lose weight. If you start a diet with a weight loss goal in mind but have underlying imbalances or health issue, you will likely stop losing the weight along the way OR it will return as quickly as you lost it. 

The best way to work out what is happening within is to carry out at-home functional lab tests. Testing your hormones and stress levels should be a priority as these can have a massive effect on your metabolism, body fat AND ability to lose weight. 

In Private Practice, if one of my client’s main goals is to shed some pounds, the first thing I recommend they do is the 21 Day Reset. In this day and age, it’s impossible to avoid toxins and environmental pollutants, so there will inevitably be some toxic build up happening inside your body, which will hinder your ability to lose weight and keep the weight off in the long run. Why? Because toxins are stored in our adipose tissue (aka fat cells).

The Reset is also a game-changer for weight loss! Don’t just take my word for it, read these testimonials. 

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