Why You Need To Detox Every Morning

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Symptoms of Toxicity

Over half the population struggle with ‘unexplained’ symptoms. Unexplained symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, brain fog, bloating or a constantly runny nose are irritating, but often we learn to ‘manage’ them, or just live without them.

The problem is that these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. If they’re left without exploration, they can develop and before you know it, your body has swung so far from homeostasis that you are now dealing with a chronic condition or have even fallen into a “diseased” state. Headaches have become migraines, aches and pains are now arthritis, your bloating has developed into an IBD, a runny nose is joined by other symptoms of allergies or asthma or you might even be developing an autoimmune disease.

So many of these ‘early stage’ reoccurring symptoms can be signs of toxic build-up in the body. If you’re experiencing lots of niggling symptoms, it is worth exploring whether toxicity in the body could be at the root cause, which can be done by simply running an at-home functional lab test.

However, the reality is that we will all be struggling with toxic build-up. Why? It’s near possible to avoid these days.


Where Does Toxicity Come From?

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Unfortunately, toxicity is everywhere and it’s causing widespread health issues – it’s not a coincidence that autoimmune conditions, cancer, autism, children dependant on pharmaceuticals is on the rise…

I am aware this sounds scary – but that’s because it is. But this should be a hopeful post, I don’t want to be the voice of ‘doom and gloom’, but I do want to desperately raise awareness to the toxicities that we are exposed to, change starts with education!

We CAN live in a world where our children’s life expectancy isn’t less than our own. We CAN take back control of our health and live happily and safely in a world that is increasingly toxic to our wellbeing. 

Toxic chemicals and heavy metals are in medications, cosmetic products, perfume, processed food, fresh produce (pesticides & herbicides), environment (pollutants), swimming pools and tap water. Microplastics have been found in breast milk, lungs, and our blood – this shows the extent in which pollutants and toxins permeate our bodies!

Everyone needs to do functional medicine resets multiple times a year just to manage toxicity levels. I do the 21 Day Reset once a year and then every quarter I do a 7-day reset.

Functional medicine resets are more than your average ‘detox’, you help your body detox on a cellular level and give your body a chance to heal and rebalance and rebuild essential processes within. 

You know me, I think prevention is better than reactive care. Whilst it is near impossible to completely prevent toxicity overload in the body, there are things we can do routinely and daily to help. I have already mentioned frequent functional medicine detoxes, but what else can we do?


Avoiding Toxic Build-Up

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Firstly, we want to avoid toxicity as much as possible. We can do this by only using natural, toxin-free cosmetics, natural perfume and fragrance, natural household cleaners, avoiding tap-water, getting a shower filter to avoid your skin absorbing toxins from the tap water. Buying organic produce, avoiding fresh produce that is high in pesticides that we can’t buy organic, not eating lots of processed foods and opting for an anti-inflammatory wholefoods diet instead. Avoiding toxins where possible will dramatically help reduce your toxic load.

I help my body get rid of toxicity every single day by optimising my morning routine for wellness and detoxification. In my morning routine I focus on helping remove toxins that have built up overnight and stimulating the body’s natural detoxification pathways to aid the natural removal of toxins.


Why Is Morning Detoxification Important?

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Overnight, your body accumulates toxins whilst you sleep. This is because whilst you’re sleeping, your body is naturally detoxing, therefore toxins are released into the body ready to be expelled. If you perform simple and quick practices to help your body expel these toxins, your body will have more energy to focus on other internal processes to benefit your health AND further detoxification.

Additionally, stimulating your lymphatic system, opening pores, removing built-up toxins (such as in the mouth) in the morning will make you feel more awake and ready for the day – inside and out! Have you ever woken up after a bit of a boozy night and felt sweaty, slow and sick? This is the result of your body desperately trying to clean up all the toxins that were accumulated the night before.

A shower makes you feel so much better, right? This is more than just mentally feeling a bit better, it is helping to wash away toxicity! Ever not felt clean, even after a shower? Wow, your body really needs help with the cellular clean up! 

Or, have you ever woken up with really bad breath? When you sleep, your body is digesting, which can release gas and other waste back up your oesophagus, into your mouth. These toxins sit in your mouth, which causes the bad breath that you get in the morning.

In my morning routine I go through all the stages that I complete to help detoxify my body – and yes, it is more than just brushing my teeth!


The Bottom Line

Detoxification is essential. This includes routine functional resets AND daily detoxification. If you feel like you need support on how to best to reset and detox your body, I can help.

For all the answers on functional medicine resets check out the 21 Day Reset. 

For daily detoxification, purchase The Morning Routine where I go in-depth about how to formulate a morning routine that fits into your busy lifestyle, whilst optimising your overall health and wellbeing.

If you’re not ready for a whole routine yet, check out the Daily Essential Formula, an all-in-one powder that contains high-quality ingredients that aid daily detoxification such as organic broccoli and glutathione.

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