Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test
Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test
Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test
Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test
Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test

Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test

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Live with energy & vitality! 

Be the detective of your own body, with easy at-home functional medicine lab testing. Don’t guess, test.

Looking to take control of your weight, hormones, metabolism and overall health? The Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test is the perfect place to start! Maintaining an ideal weight is difficult despite the best efforts with diet and exercise. What most don’t know is that an undetected hormone imbalance can be the missing link – ruining your hard work to stay slim.

The Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test is ideal for women or men struggling with weight issues, sluggish thyroid, blood sugar dysregulation, menopause, women with polycystic ovaries, and anyone wanting to get to the root of general health concerns.

With a comprehensive panel that includes hormones like cortisol and DHEA, as well as essential vitamins, sex hormones and blood sugar markers, this test will provide a complete picture of your overall hormonal health. Don't wait - take control of your health today with our Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test!

A simple at-home test in the comfort of your own home for ease of use, faster results and a healthier and happier YOU. 

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If you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, low libido, anxiety, excess hair growth, depression, PTSD, acne, PMS symptoms, water retention, weight gain/loss, insomnia, heart palpitations, poor recovery, frequent illness, low testosterone symptoms, difficulty gaining muscle, chronic inflammation, or ageing-related issues (wrinkles, thinning of skin, hair, and nails), the Weight management and Thyroid test is for you.

Hormones play a crucial role in how you feel from low mood, low libido, low energy, weight gain, thinning brittle hair to sleep issues and sugar cravings. Unfortunately, hormones are often looked at in isolation in conventional medicine and issues arise when they’re not in the right ratio. This test is a detailed and very comprehensive overview of your hormones offering real data so that you can finally get back control of your overall health.

-Lab test kit delivered to your home with easy to follow instructions and pre-paid return label.

-FREE 30 minute health coaching call with a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner to interpret your results and offer you an actionable plan, based on your specific results.

-Cortisol (free) x 4


-Estradiol (E2)



-Haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)






-Vitamin D (25-OH)

-Vitamin D3 25-OH


A Certified Integrative Health Practitioner will interpret your results and provide recommendations based on your specific result to help you achieve your goals.

An integrative health practitioner will use their extensive knowledge and expertise in natural health, functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to interpret and analyse your test results. They will use this information to provide you with actionable steps so you can finally get to the root cause that has been holding you back in life! By helping you identify potential root causes for any symptoms or health issues you may be experiencing and by taking a holistic approach, you can rest assured that you’ll be well on your way to achieving optimal health and wellbeing!

Results Interpreted by a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner

30 Minute Consultation Included

Uncover Potential Root Causes for Your Symptoms

Receive Recommendations On Your Specific Results

Work Towards Achieving Optimal Wellbeing



Hit ‘Checkout’ on the lab test

Your lab kit will be delivered right to your doorstep along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use it.


Collect & send your sample for testing

Simply follow the instructions provided and pop your sample back in the prepaid return label we sent you and arrange for a collection. Easy peasy!


The best bit

As soon as we've processed your results, we'll send you an invite to chat with one of our expert integrative health practitioners. They'll walk you through your results and you’ll leave the call with actionable steps that are easy to follow and tailored to your specific results.


About Lab Testing


Take back control of your health!

The Weight Management and Thyroid panel is a comprehensive test that assesses various hormones and biomarkers to identify potential imbalances related to weight management issues. This test checks for sex and adrenal hormones from saliva, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), fT3, fT4, and TPO antibodies, as well as insulin levels, Hb1Ac, Vitamin D from a dried blood spot, and cortisol.



can reveal whether hormones are the root cause of your weight gain

1 in 5 people

in the UK population have low Vitamin D levels


of UK adults are overweight or obese

What's Covered In This Test

This test will help you uncover the root causes to your health issues, so that you can finally understand your symptoms. This is the first step of your journey to optimal health.


What We Test For

What This Impacts

Estrogen & Progesterone Imbalances

Weight gain in hips and thighs, water retention, estrogen dominance, sluggish metabolism

Low Testosterone or DHEA

Decreased lean muscle and increased body fat, decreased metabolic rate, abdominal fat

Blood Sugar Imbalances

Sugar cravings, abdominal weight gain, inflammation, rapid ageing

Vitamin D, Thyroid Deficiency

Immunity, bone health, cell growth, inflammation, visceral fat gain, blood sugar dysregulation, low mood, fatigue, dry skin, constipation, cold hands & feet, weight gain, muscle weakness

High Cortisol, Low Cortisol

Insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired, increased belly fat, chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery, low immune reserves

Your Results

Scientifically Backed

Clinically proven and scientifically backed results.

Valuable Insights

Expertise of integrative health practitioners to uncover how results influence symptoms and overall health.

Holistic Actionable Steps

Easy-to-follow interpretation of results and recommendations based on results .

Why You'll Love This

Don't let a hidden thyroid issue or hormone imbalance keep you from feeling your best! Taking a Hormonal, Adrenal & Metabolism Test is the key to unlocking your health potential. Your thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating your metabolism and energy levels, so imbalances can cause weight fluctuations and fatigue that can impact your daily life. Insulin and cortisol levels are also crucial for overall health, regulating blood sugar levels, managing stress, and even impacting your immune system. Sex hormones play an important role in your mood, skin, fertility and sex drive. And don't forget about vitamin D! It's essential for strong bones, immune function, and hormonal health. By taking control of your health and getting a comprehensive look at your body's hormone levels, you can take the first step to living your best life!



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When should I take my sample?

We recommend taking the sample on a normal “stressful” weekday. For ovulating women, please run this test on days 19-21 of your cycle (day 1 is the first day of menstruation). If your cycles are irregular, please collect when not bleeding (or 5 days before expected period). For men or women with no cycles, please collect at any day of the month.

When should I ship my sample?

If sample(s) will not be sent the day of collection, please store in the freezer and note dates in Section 5 of the Test Requisition. DRIED BLOOD SPOT samples should be kept at room temperature. Please hold the sample in the freezer if the next day is not a working day.

What should I avoid prior to collecting the saliva samples?

Please do not eat, drink (except water), or brush teeth at least 2 h prior to collections. The night before collection, wash your face before bedtime. Do not apply lotions or creams.

What is the difference between the 3 Month Programme and Lab Testing Consultations?

When you order a lab, you receive a 30 minute consultation to explain your results and provide you with advice and recommendations, based on your symptoms and lab results. With lab test consultations, we are not able to respond back to email follow up questions after your consultation as that is only available in the 3 Month Programme. However, if you have other health concerns, we'd be happy to schedule another consultation to discuss them in more detail. The 3 Month Programme however, was designed for individuals that need a full health intake and one-to-one ongoing support and accountability. It includes a series of three consultations with your Synergised practitioner, to help guide you through the implementation of your protocols. Under this programme, you have access to your health coach for follow-up questions, accountability and general support anytime. You will also meet with them once a month to go over your protocols, wellness plan, etc.

How are customers' data handled?

Synergised does not sell clients data. Once a sample is run, the lab will have it destroyed, and it is not used for any other purpose.

Does the 30 minute lab test consultation include nutrition advice?

Yes, all recommendations sent to you after your consultation will include nutrition advice.

How do Lab Tests work?

Very simple! Once you place your order, you will receive the lab test kit within approximately 48h. Simply follow the instructions provided and pop your sample back in the prepaid return label we sent you and arrange for a collection. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process your results and as soon as we have these, we'll send you an invite to chat with one of our expert integrative health practitioners. This invite will also contain a health intake form that we kindly ask you to fill in as thoroughly as possible. Once you book the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom details for your video consultation. On the day of your meeting, they'll walk you through your results and you’ll leave the call with actionable steps that are easy to follow and tailored to your specific results.

Do I need to fill a health intake form prior to my lab test consultation?

Yes. Once your results are ready, you will receive an email to book your consultation and fill in your health intake form.

How will I receive my results and consultation to review the results?

Once your sample is received, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to receive your results. As soon as we receive your results, your integrative health practitioner will send you an email with instructions on where to find the results as well as our appointment schedule so you can book your appointment. Once this is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom details for your video consultation. On the day of your consultation, the results will be explained to you and your practitioner will send you your personalised recommendations within 48h.

Do you offer the functional medicine lab tests service outside the UK?

Unfortunately, we don’t at the moment but we’re looking to launch international services soon!

When should I ship my sample?

Make sure the sample is not shipped if the next day is a bank holiday and that it is only sent Monday-Thursday.

What should I do if I lose my instructions?

You can find the instructions for each lab at the bottom of our lab test resource page. Please paste this address in to your browser:www.synergised.info/lab-tests-resources/

Can the functional medicine labs be done in Children?

As long as your child is over 3 years old yes!

I couldn’t find the answer to my question, what should I do?

Please email us at support@synergised.uk and our team will get back you ASAP.