How Did The Disease Take Place?

Conventional medicine works great for acute conditions. For example, if someone suffers from a heart attack, they don’t look for alternative medicine practitioners, they go to the emergency room as soon as possible!

However, when it comes to chronic conditions, the approach should be different. Conventional medicine treats autoimmune issues by masking the symptoms but the disease continues to fester in the body.

All diseases are simply a name given for a collection of symptoms that allows for health insurance to flourish and that enables medical doctors to prescribe pharmaceuticals accordingly.


Stage 1: Accumulation

This is the accumulation stage in Ayurvedic medicine. For example, getting a parasite from drinking water overseas could be an accumulation. It could also come from within, meaning that the accumulation could be as a result of a poor diet.

This doesn’t mean you are to blame. A lot of these things are done unconsciously because you don’t necessarily know that you’re eating foods full of pesticides.  

Stage 2: Aggravation

Here you begin to notice some change in the body such as bloating, headaches, occasional skin rashes or stiff joints.

At this stage, you have aggravated your body to a higher level because you kept doing the things that you didn’t know were aggravating the body.

Stage 3: Mild inflammation

This is the stage where the person will start experiencing all symptoms. 

For example, if you have parasites, candida or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth building up in the gut, you will have more and more inflammation.

Now the spaces in your gut wall begin to widen and it leads to increased intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut)…

At this point, proteins, bacteria, yeast and toxins begin to spill into the blood stream t causing them to circulate around the body.

Stage 4: Inflammation at a systemic level

As more and more toxins start to swim in your blood stream , you will begin to see inflammation at a systemic level.

This is where genetics matter. Remember, increased intestinal permeability will cause an inflammatory response and this is where you will see your genetics taking place. Some people will have Hashimoto’s, others Rheumatoid Arthritis and others Eczema for example.

You are programmed to get that disease in your genetics if, and only if,you made it to that fourth stage of that disease process.

Stage 5: Manifestation

This is now where conventional medicine sees something out of range in your blood work and diagnoses you with the disease.

Conventional medicine will try to mask the symptoms with drugs such as immunosuppressants and steroids.

Stage 6: Complications

This is the stage at which we see the complications associated with the disease.

For example, someone might go see their medical doctor with an autoimmune issue such as Hashimoto’s and they are either put on medications or have their thyroid removed.

The truth is that this will just make the situation worse…

We need to work through the process to find out what’s going on and not just medicate the body or shut it down!

The good news is that you can reverse this disease process and my clients and myself are living example of this! 

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