Who We Are

"I want to live in a world where we prioritise healthcare over sick care. Where we understand our bodies and minds and what they need to function optimally. Where we focus on prevention rather than treatment. Where fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, skin concerns and unhealthy diet culture aren't normalised. I want to give everyone the tools that they need to live with energy, vitality and good health." - Paula, Founder

Our Mission

Every symptom is a clue to an underlying cause, and at Synergised, we're passionate about unravelling these mysteries. 

In a world dominated by symptom suppression, we defy the norm. Instead of merely managing symptoms, we dive deep to discover the root cause, providing relief at its source, not just on the surface. 

We're dedicated to embracing a comprehensive approach to healthcare that takes into account every dimension of your life – from the microbiome to nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress. At Synergised, we're not just a healthcare solution; we're a lifestyle revolution. 

Traditional healthcare falls short, but we're here to revolutionise it with cutting-edge home testing, personalised health coaching, and science-backed nutritional supplements – your all-in-one hub for integrated health solutions.

"Prioritising health-care, to prevent requiring sick-care."

About Paula, Founder

Core Values


It is Synergised’s belief that the path to optimal health starts with knowledge. The mission is to empower our community to finally take control of their health. This comes from understanding how they got to where they are, so that they can develop the tools to get to where they want to be.

Root Cause Approach

Overcoming every challenge in the way of getting healthy and staying healthy, starts with addressing the root cause. Taking pills, creams and formulas, without considering underlying issues, are simply band-aid solutions, which only provide temporary “relief”. True health begins at the source, not with the symptom.


At Synergised, we approach health holistically. Everything is connected, so why should healthcare be any different? Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset need to work in harmony to ensure lifelong wellbeing and vitality, therefore we prioritise each aspect equally and encourage synergy between the three.

7 Branches of Medicine

There Isn't A Magic Pill

Synergised combines the following:

Traditional Chinese
Traditional Naturopath
Eastern-Based Philosophy

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