Real People, Real Results: Hear From Previous Clients & Customers

A Journey Towards Clear Skin

"Before working with Paula my digestion was all over the place with extreme bloating and inconsistent toilet habits, I believe this was as a result of years of being on and off the contaceptive pill as well as lots of previous rounds of antibiotics. I also suffered with acne since I was 16 and had seen various doctors on the NHS as well as privately with no real results. I was also diagnosed with PCOS in 2022 after multiple trips to conventional medical professionals. My prolactin levels were through the roof as a result of stress and I was spending crazy amounts on skincare and treatments trying to clear my skin. My concentration and focus at work were also extremely poor which was extremely frustrating as it was very unlike me. I was privately prescribed a medication called Spironalactone in 2021 to help with my skin. This works by blocking androgens, which did clear my skin but I was only allowed on it for a few months due to it actually being a blood pressure tablet with various side effects. As soon as I came off this, within a few months my skin was back to consistent breakouts. It was so confusing to me because I lived what I believed to be a "healthy" lifestyle, eating well and weight lifting 4-5 times a week.

Just as I was starting to lose hope, I stumbled upon Paula's Instagram page in August 2022 and I truly believe it was fate that led me to her amazing page. Prior to this, I had no idea about functional medicine and the ability to heal your body naturally. I thought the symptoms I had would require medication or I would just have to suffer for the rest of my life. I signed up to Paula's one to one 3 month programme and started the 21 Day Reset. During this time, my skin began to clear and my energy improved. Once I had finished the 21 Day Reset, I followed a tailored plan based on my personal lab results recommended by Paula. Since completing this, my digestion has improved significantly, with much less bloating. My skin has cleared up and my prolactin levels have come right down as a result of better stress management and mind-set practices. My energy is consistent throughout the day and my focus at work has improved immensely, I definitely feel more like me.

I still have a couple of symptoms Paula and I are working on, but I don't feel lost like I did before and I know there is always a root cause for everything, you don't need to suffer alone. True healing just takes time and I have patience and faith that I will be fully healed within the coming months. I have all the knowledge I need to continue on this journey with Paula just an email away. There is no better investment than your health and I truly believe Paula is one of the best people to help you on your journey. Her knowledge of functional medicine is incredible and she can answer any question you have along the way. Paula is extremely supportive and she is so passionate about what she does, it's inspiring. I feel like a new person since the start of 2023 and I will be forever grateful to her for everything she has done for me. If you are unsure about signing up, I can honestly say it was the best decisions and investments I have ever made!!"

- Hannah Bentley

Uncovering The Root Cause of IBD

"I was diagnosed with IBD a few years ago. The doctor who diagnosed my condition told me I would need to manage the disease with medication for the rest of my life. This didn’t feel right to me, so I set out to find a natural solution. I spent years working with Naturopaths and other natural health practitioners. Although I did see improvements, I would eventually end up in a flare again and what once worked was no longer working as well. I felt like something was missing and there was so much more I needed to understand to overcome my situation.

Then I came across Paula on Instagram and so much of what Paula said resonated with me so I booked a consultation. I am so glad that I did!

Since working with Paula, my symptoms have improved drastically. Paula is extremely knowledgeable with a great understanding of how to find the root cause and how to heal. I love that she addresses healing from all angles. I have learnt about removing toxins, gut health, nutrition, supplementation, and mindset. Paula has helped me find the missing pieces to the puzzle and now I know I am truly healing.

I can’t recommend Paula enough. Paula has given me guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the process. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Not only is she very knowledgeable but she is also a friendly, passionate and professional person.

I encourage anyone who is considering working with Paula to do it. Please know you can find a root cause and heal.

Paula, Thank you for being part of my journey and having such a positive impact on my life. I will be forever grateful."

- Jodie Hughes

'Unexplained' and Previously Dismissed Symptoms

Before working with Paula I was struggling with what was going on my life. I had unexplained stomach pain for 2 weeks and in a blink of an eye everything turned when I was diagnosed of having gallstones and sludge. I had my surgery and was told the only way to ‘solve’ my health issue was to remove the gallbladder.

Post surgery I had trouble eating. I met 3 different gastroenterologists and none was able to help me. Instead I was cruelly dismissed by 1 and told that I had anxiety. But I knew something was not right. Every day I wake up unable to tolerate any food(it was that bad!!!) or any meal without feeling gassy and bloated, pain and burning in the stomach, constipated, undigested food in stool and what’s worse was not having enough sleep. I did not have the energy to even get out of my bed. It WAS a miserable life.

I then came across Paula on Instagram. I kept scrolling her content and have found her post on PPIs. That’s when it hit me, ‘I need to work with Paula’. I was prescribed PPIs to get through my day and I was not happy. 12 weeks prescription to be specific. Reading the dangers of it made me think l ‘I can’t take pills and go on like this forever’. Something has to change. I was so excited when I finally get to meet Paula on our first consultation. She explains a lot about what I was going through and I had my tests done. Paula gave me all the recommendations and I was able to implement them which includes morning routine, overhaul of my groceries(definitely not my force but by reading on her Instagram things like pesticides and animal farming), eating habit and daily food choices.

At first it was hard for me but I thought ‘nothing comes easy’. First week I begin to see improvements. I had more frequent bowel movements in a week. Stomach pain and passing gas was less. After 1 month, everything felt more normal. More energy, enjoying my food more (thanks to recipes on Synergised Nutrition and the recommended 1x a week cheat day), no undigested food in stool, daily bowel movements, getting to bed early and I was off PPIs!! I have now completed my 3 months GIP and am now more happy than ever. Most of my symptoms are gone.

I recommend people working with Paula as she is very knowledgeable and I never thought I can feel normal again but Paula did prove me wrong! It was definitely a blessing to work with Paula and I sincerely wish her more success in helping people who struggles with their health. Once again THANK YOU & may God bless you <3.

- Siti Othman

Living With Crohn's

"I’ve had Crohn's Disease for almost 15 years and have struggled with many of the symptoms of this condition. Following frequent patterns of symptoms/pain and not getting relief from conventional medicine, at the start of this year, I decided to take the plunge and work with Paula to take control of my health. This has been the most challenging yet most life changing and rewarding experiences of my life!

Since working with Paula I’ve learnt so much about the importance of nutrition, movement and mindset and the key roles each of these things play in our overall health. I always knew I needed to improve these aspects of my life however I never knew where to start. I would always find conflicting  information which would make me feel confused and overwhelmed resulting in not changing anything. Paula changed that for me; all of her advice was simple to follow, personalised to my health goals and most importantly she was also always on hand to answer my endless questions.

I suffered from many of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease such as digestive issues ( constipation, stomach pain, bloating, reflux and heartburn), low mood, low energy, fatigue and joint pain. I can confidently say since working with Paula these have significantly reduced. I’m now able to eat a variety of foods without feeling anxious about what the effect on digestion would be. My knowledge on nutrition and what works for my body has grown - I’ve learnt to listen to and be in tune with my body. My energy levels have never been better, from having no motivation or energy to do any physical activity, I am now walking at least 10 thousand steps a day and have incorporated yoga into my daily routine. My mindset has changed hugely thanks to the powerful meditations Paula shares; this is something I was sceptical about having not done it before but can now say it’s played a huge part in helping me heal and is an integral part of my day-to-day life.

Working with Paula has given me a new lease of life. I’m now able to live a ‘normal’ life by feeling more energised, going out without having anxiety, no longer worrying about the effect foods would have on my digestion and constantly trying to identify my triggers. 

I no longer feel like my body is broken and I now realise it was always working for me. I just needed someone to translate what it was saying. For me that person was Paula. She’s helped me get in control of my health and piece everything together. Her knowledge is invaluable, her passion and willingness to genuinely help shines through the support and service she provides. I’m so grateful to have had the means to work with her. She’s given me the foundations of understanding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to live a life full of wellness and vitality and for this I will be forever thankful."

- Nadia Dudhia, UK

"Working with Paula has given me a new lease of life. I’m now able to live a ‘normal’ life by feeling more energised, going out without having anxiety, no longer worrying about the effect foods would have on my digestion and constantly trying to identify my triggers."


Overcoming IBS

“I have always suffered from IBS since I was an adolescent. My main symptoms were: tummy pain, diarrhoea, irritability, and tiredness. Following I started developing anxiety and low mood.

There was a period in which I avoided going out due to the fear of having an attack and not being able to find a toilet. My condition fluctuated and it tended to flare up if I was stressed. 2016 has been one of the worst years: I got food poisoning, a stomach bug, and multiple rounds of antibiotics. My condition got worse. My performance at work and university got worse.

I started the Paleo diet and my IBS improved, however, I still had relapses and flares (2 times a month). I thought I had achieved the best results for my IBS. Nonetheless, I could not go out and have a “cheat” meal, nor be too stressed or not getting enough sleep, or I would have experienced another flare.

In 2021 I started working with Paula because most of my symptoms had returned (Diarrhoea, bloating, tiredness). I had managed to “control” them by not eating any vegetables or fruit but simply eating meat (a carnivore diet). Although I did not rush to the toilet like before, I started to experience the opposite: constipation, bloating, and tiredness. I knew that my diet was not ok and something needed to be done. I missed veggies and all the nutrients that come with them.

Since I started working with Paula I was able to eat veggies and carbohydrates again without having any IBS-D symptoms (bloating, diarrhoea, indigestion). My energy level went up, and I was finally able to sign up in my local gym to train (I could not train for at least 5 years due to my low energy level).

After I finished Paula’s treatment, 85% of my symptoms had vanished, and I was able (finally!!) to live a “normal” life (going out without anxiety, having a cheat meal without worrying about any flare-up). One of the things I appreciate most was that since the first week of treatment I felt immediately well. I was finally able to put all of my energy into my University course and career because I had finally found the solutions to my problems.

I have not followed the lifestyle 100%, however, following at 80% allowed me to have 85% of symptom reduction. What I like about this lifestyle is that once you start you don’t go back. I went overseas for a week and did not follow it and I was longing for my lifestyle (Mindfulness, morning routine, healthy diet, exercise, healthy sleep). I still have to optimize this lifestyle to get the most out of it. Without her, I could not have fixed my IBS-D.

Thank you Paula I’m 28 but I feel much better now than when I was 18“

- Matteo Andreotti, UK

"I feel so many benefits now and my energy is through the roof. I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and when I wake I feel rested and ready to start my day! I feel I have all the tools now to live a healthier lifestyle and have the energy to do everything needed in a day!"


Addressing Hormonal Issues

“When I first discovered Paula’s page on Instagram I couldn’t believe the content already available there for free! Her posts were, and continue to be, so informative and so varied covering so many different topics, so many of which were relevant to me and just not readily available anywhere else I had looked. 

I had been looking to work with someone 121 for a long time to work on long term gut health and irregular hormone issues with no success. I had already tried various other (and expensive) options and was left feeling somewhat helpless and dismissed. All that changed when I started working with Paula. 

She listened to my frustrations and totally understood the difficulties I faced while managing my PCOS. In my initial consultation she allowed me to explain everything, even the minor details which may have seemed insignificant to others but had a huge impact on my day to day life. 

I then received my personally tailored healing protocol which provided all the information, guidance, instructions and recommendations needed to walk me through the first 21 days and following months. The protocol is extremely detailed including specific supplement recommendations down to the brand and links as to where to buy them. Detailed and itemised food recommendations again including actual brands to use and brands to avoid (things I would never have known without Paula’s guidance). 

Implementing the protocol was a huge success for me. My cycle improved dramatically. My skin issues started to resolve. I have suffered with acne since my teens, but in the months following the protocol I rarely had a break out. I used to suffer terribly with reoccurring acne on my cheeks and jawline but this is no longer the case. My unwanted digestive symptoms improved. I rarely ever feel uncomfortable or bloat after eating now (something which was a daily occurrence before). 

I am also so much more equipped to make smarter choices now which may seem small but have such huge impacts. Before working with Paula I simply was not educated about so many things and was making choices I thought were “healthy” but were actually detrimental to my health. 

In summary I could not recommend Paula as a person or as a practitioner highly enough. She is friendly, approachable, knowledgable and professional. Her guidance is not intended to be a quick fix but a way of life and an education. I whole heartedly encourage anyone who is considering working with her or incorporating her practices to do it and have no doubt you will not look back.”

- Katherine Fettis, UK

"After I finished Paula’s treatment, 85% of my symptoms had vanished, and I was able (finally!!) to live a “normal” life (going out without anxiety, having a cheat meal without worrying about any flare-up). One of the things I appreciate most was that since the first week of treatment I felt immediately well. I was finally able to put all of my energy into my University course and career because I had finally found the solutions to my problems."


Clearing Acne

“Today I have just finished my first 21 day reset with Paula. I have a number of underlying deficiencies impacting me day to day including cycle issues, fatigue, infertility and inability to lose weight. I decided it was time to invest in my health and work privately with Paula. I cannot recommend this enough and I am only the 21 day reset in!!!

Yes this is a big overhaul of your lifestyle and yes the first couple of days are extremely hard going… however, I can promise it is so so worth it! In the space of 3 small weeks I have stuck to the protocol 100% and my results so far have been tremendous. Weight loss was not my main goal but I have already lost 6.5kg!! This has been a definite motivation in keeping me going! 

I have seen huge improvements in my skin and I have no spots at all (which is extremely common during this time of the month for me). My energy levels have increased and I have not been craving processed high sugar foods that I couldn’t do without before the reset! I look forward to eating a range of vegetables and have enjoyed all of my meals! I have had no bloating issues at all and generally feel more positive in my mindset.

I know this is just the start of my healing journey and I cannot wait to see my cycles and fertility go back to normal, but I also know these things will take longer due to the deficiencies identified in my lab tests and my continuous work needed on reducing my stress levels! 

Although, I do feel I am beginning to deal with my stress levels more easily and so I feel that is helping! Paula is extremely thorough in the consultation and recommends everything that can help you! Please trust her and the process because the results so far are really having a positive impact on me and I know I have made the right decision to work with her! Thank you Paula.”

- Holly Cooper, Northumberland

"I have definitely healed my gut from years of antibiotics and birth control and my skin is the best it’s ever been. I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance in healing my gut and in turn healing my skin."


Improving Mental Health

“When I started with Paula I had serious debilitating gut issues.

I had previously been in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction after fleeing domestic abuse.

My stomach was in constant knots, I couldn’t eat anything without agony .I looked pregnant with swelling all over my face and body. My mental health at its all-time lowest with anxiety, depression and brain fog. My hair was falling out , weight shooting up my life was at rock bottom.

I spent a lot on other practitioners and treatments, I felt desperate to heal and get better. Nothing was working. I was at rock bottom with food and my stomach health.

After working with Paula within the first 28 days the majority of my symptoms had nearly vanished.

A year later after completing the 4 months protocol. I can eat what I like without any pain at all.

My anxiety and depression now has disappeared, my hair thick and I feel back in control of my life again.

Over this year I have been slowly cutting out the trigger foods, but now I can do this easier as I can see the health benefits of stopping caffeine, gluten and others all together. I don’t feel like I’m losing anything or being restricted, only gaining health. 

My mental attitude has completely changed.

Paula has given me guidance and support the whole way through, she was always there responding to my questions and messages with so much love, compassion, kindness and support.

Her constant motivation and vast knowledge really made me feel like I was in safe hands. and I’m so grateful now to have my life back again. I would highly recommend Paula.”

- Roxanne Hotchkiss, London

"Now, although I need to wake up early to commit to a new morning routine, I feel so much better. I feel my body, mind and soul are taken care of through a number of practices that benefit my health and wellbeing. I definitely feel more calm and have more mental clarity throughout the day since I started implementing these small steps in a good direction. I’m grateful for taking this decision and for all the information I acknowledged from the videos and ebooks."


Managing Weight & Eczema

“Before I had started working with Paula I had seen conventional medical doctors with my complaints of stomach bloating, weight gain, eczema, and digestive issues after going through multiple rounds of antibiotics and steroids in 2020.

I was starting to lose hope, I had tried every medication, every “diet” out there, I even worked with a naturopathic doctor who didn’t really listen to my complaints and just wanted me to live off of eating broth for all of my meals. My mental health was starting to decline and I could feel myself becoming very depressed feeling so out of control of my body.

I finally was able to start working with Paula after months of struggling and within the first month of working with her my life had changed! I started with her 21 day detox and immediately I lost the 10lbs of inflammation my body was holding on to and with the help of Paula and all her knowledge of food and healing all my issues resolved. Within that month my bloating was gone, my eczema almost disappeared and I felt brand new!

All of my family and friends could tell the difference and they couldn’t believe their eyes. I continued with her 3 month GHP where we slowly started introducing foods back into my diet while taking the supplements she recommended for me. I finally feel like I understand my body and what it needs, I can finally understand the cues it has been trying to give me all along!

I have learned what sort of foods are great for my digestion and which ones to avoid. I also became a member of her Synergised Nutrition membership after I finished her GHP which has been great for recipe ideas as well as meditations and exercise.

Sticking with Paula’s plan and continuing to incorporate her dietary and lifestyle recommendations with her membership I am happy to say that I have been able to keep my weight down and my eczema and digestive issues completely under control. I would recommend her to anyone struggling to get back control of their body!”

- Mariah Dominguez, Florida

" I’ve got energy like I haven’t had since I was a teenager. Seriously. I’ve been bouncing around the house & doing jobs I’ve put off for years. I get up and have energy. I go to bed and and still have plentiful energy (normally I’m tired when I get up and exhausted by dinner time). I have motivation to work out (I have NEVER​* had that and make healthy choices & ENJOY it. My skin looks so glowy - I’ve been going out without make up I had a patch of irritation on my hands constantly which is 70% better already. My mood Feels more stable already. I couldn’t believe my period came on day 29 (it’s been as far as every 40 days prior to this). I feel a more normal temperature and much less cold.”"


Getting Rid of HPV

“I have followed Paula’s Instagram for some time but decided to book a 121 consultation earlier this year following a couple of health issues. 

I had two treatments to remove precancerous cells at the end of last year, following an abnormal smear result due to the HPV virus. I was lucky to receive treatment quickly but was not given any advice to help clear the virus (the cause of the precancerous cells) and was advised to wait and hope my body cleared it.

Separately, I also had a skin rash for 8 months (Granuloma annulare) and after referral to the dermatologist, I was advised there was no treatment, no known cause and that it would hopefully disappear on its own over the next couple of years.

I had my consultation with Paula in March where we spent time discussing my health concerns, my current lifestyle including diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. I then started the 21 day reset followed by the GHP.

Paula was in contact with me and supported me throughout the whole protocol. We had regular check in points where I gave updates and she offered advice and answered any questions that I had. Even if I hadn’t contacted Paula myself, she would still check in, ask how I was doing and make sure that everything was going ok. 

I won’t lie, it was hard. There are times when you just want to have that extra cheat night (!). However, I started seeing changes within the first month and this gave me the motivation to continue. The Granuloma annulare rash disappeared within 6 weeks and hasn’t returned. I also started seeing other benefits – my skin improved as did my energy and mood. I also lost a little bit of weight (added bonus!)

Four months after starting the protocol I had a check up at the hospital and recently received confirmation that I had tested negative for the HPV virus which was the best news.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am for all of Paula’s help, I really can’t thank her enough. I would never have guessed that the protocol would have such a positive impact on my life and would not hesitate to recommend Paula to anyone looking to improve their health. Thank you so much for all of your help Paula!”

- Jemma, Kent

" I learned so much even from the consultation that I was excited to start the healing process. Within a few days I would say my rosacea flare ups had eased (I was always having them around 4pm), energy was constant in the day and my bloating slowly disappeared. I think overall I have lost 2 stone over the year. Rosacea prone skin is always a little pink as it overworks but it has been amazing to not have the red, stinging rosacea skin, not knowing when a flare up may happen etc. I can now wear a wider selection of creams and make up as it is not reacting to everything. I feel more confident and I consider myself healed of Rosacea through the protocol. Paula has given me life skills and educated me with new tools and information to be a healthier person and more importantly I am in control of what I eat and drink by making better decisions on how I live my life."


Overcoming Stomach Issues

“Before working with Paula, I thought I was doing everything right, so I didn’t understand why I kept having stomach issues. I tried a lot of different diets and anything I ate gave me horrible bloating and gas. I saw two different naturopaths and several gastroenterologists prior seeing Paula and nothing really worked. I was quite skeptical at that point, but I decided to give it one last shot and what a ride it has been! Paula’ s insight to health, wellness, food and diet proves that she is the guru in this space. Since working with Paula, I am feeling better than ever and don’t have enough words to thank her.”

- Monica Mansouri, California


"Life before my GHP seems a long distant memory. I was in the hands of big pharma having all sorts of scans and X-rays, appointments with specialists and back and forth the doctors for endless blood tests. It was scary and miserable times with no answers but continued with my own research as I won’t take any medication.

The day I scrolled past Paula’s informative post I knew this lady could help me and knew exactly what she was talking about! I was instantly attracted and I was one of her first clients to book a consultation.

The symptoms I was experiencing were muscle twitching, random aches and pains, dizziness, fatigue, sleep issues etc. The doctors came up with a May have fibromyalgia?!

Since working with Paula, my life has totally changed and I now realise my symptoms were linked to my gut as everything went away, however when I allow myself to fall slack these symptoms will come back.

I feel so many benefits now and my energy is through the roof. I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and when I wake I feel rested and ready to start my day! I will continue my GHP forever as well as the subscription that updates weekly!

I feel I have all the tools now to live a healthier lifestyle and have the energy to do everything needed in a day!

Paula will always be an email or a message away and forever grateful to have found her! I have learnt so much about nutrition and it’s a never-ending journey if you want to reach optimal health and with Paula close by, I have everything I need."

- Helen Jenkins, South Wales

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