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Each person is an individual and, therefore, needs an individual approach. When we come in to this world, our bodies are finely tuned and in perfect balance but sometimes it loses its equilibrium. Thankfully, you can restore this through cutting-edge functional medicine lab testing and wellness protocols adapted uniquely to you.Remember, you don’t have to suffer this way - Paula will take a three-dimensional analysis of you, shining a light on your inside and outside, leaving no detail overlooked.These are especially recommended for those who are suffering chronic health issues, an abundance of long-term symptoms and/or have been told their symptoms are ‘unexplained.’

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The waiting list for April 2023 is now OPEN. Public enrolment opens on 1st April 2023. Learn more here. In every 3 Month Programme you get:

Personalised advice for your specific health issues

Review of your at-home functional lab tests* and explanation of results including any root cause imbalances

Nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations based on your bio-individuality and unique needs

Access to Paula’s private email address so that you can get help with implementation every step of the way

*At-home functional medicine lab tests are not included in the consultation price and need to be purchased separately. Lab testing is not imperative, but it is recommended. Lab testing will provide Paula with individualised results and information on your potential deficiencies and toxicities, which will allow Paula to provide an increasingly tailored service. Functional lab tests are usually not available through your conventional medical doctor and, therefore, will constitute an additional cost. Please note that Paula does not offer review of conventional blood work test results.

"Since working with Paula, my life has totally changed and I now realise my symptoms were linked to my gut as everything went away, however when I allow myself to fall slack these symptoms will come back. I feel so many benefits now and my energy is through the roof. I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and when I wake I feel rested and ready to start my day! I will continue my GHP forever as well as the subscription that updates weekly! I feel I have all the tools now to live a healthier lifestyle and have the energy to do everything needed in a day!"

~ HELEN, South Wales

Areas of Practice

o   Adrenal Fatigue
o   Anxiety/Depression
o   Autism, ADD/ADHD, Learning disabilities
o   Autoimmune
o   Weight Loss
o   Digestive Issues
o   Heavy Metals
o   Leaky Gut
o   Mould
o   Skin conditions
o   Sleep
o   Hormones (PCOS, Estrogen Dominance, Thyroid, etc.)


3 Month Programme

£897 or 3 payments of £299


3 Month Consultation

💬 Month 1

45-minute Video Consultation, including:

✓ Deep dive into your health history and lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.)

✓ Nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan

✓ At-home functional medicine lab test recommendations

✓ Email support


📝 Month 2

45-minute Video Consultation, including:

✓ Review of functional medicine lab test results (subject to whether they were carried out)

✓ Comprehensive wellness plan based on bio-individuality

✓ Supplement protocol

✓ Nutrition plan

✓ Email support

🗓️ Month 3

30-minute Video Consultation, including:

✓ Track your progress

✓ Wellness plan adjustments

✓ Maintenance phase recommendations



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Real People,
Real Results.

Follow-Up Consultation

A video (or telephone) consultation lasting up to 45 minutes where we will go over your progress, make any necessary adjustments, discuss any other concerns and review any other functional lab test results. 

Email correspondence is included in the one month after the follow-up consultation. 

PRICE: £250

Healthy Pregnancy

Your lifestyle and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy can have a lifelong impact on your child's health and development.

Consequently, I established my healthy pregnancy consultations, to ensure that you give yourself the right care and nourishment to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby. 

I will provide you with a wellness blueprint for the entire process, including a prenatal, perinatal and/or postnatal wellness plan. To see what is included head to the FAQs below.

PRICE: £420

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When Do Slots Become Available for The 3 Month Programme?

You can now join the waiting list for our next enrolment. Public enrolment opens soon, subject to availability! Learn more here.

What Is Included In The Healthy Pregnancy Consultation?

Paula will provide you with a wellness blueprint for the entire process, including a prenatal, perinatal and/or postnatal wellness plan, which will include a selection of the following: A list of the advantageous foods for you, and foods to avoid Sample meal plan template Supplement protocol Detoxification protocols Grocery food shopping guide Recommended sleep protocol Stress reduction techniques Exercise recommendations During pregnancy, there are essential variations in your body’s needs week to week and trimester by trimester. This means that even if you’re not suffering from any chronic health issues, it is important for you to get your nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle right, now more than ever. Remember, pre-, peri- and postnatal care are all crucial periods to optimise health through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle practices.

How Do You Pay In Instalments?

You can either pay the cost of £897 upfront or you can purchase this programme in 3 payments of £299. Payment 1: At Checkout Payment 2: Second Monthly Payment Payment 3: Third Monthly Payment You will no longer be charged after the final payment has been made. Your appointments might take place after the billing, but the three charges will save your spot for your three appointments. Once your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to the appointment calendar where you will be able to book in your first appointment as well as an intake form that must be filled prior we meet. You will find slots at different times (between 12:30pm and 5pm). Please note that bookings right now are for appointments starting in September. Please note that Synergised Nutrition membership is NOT included in the consultation fee, as it is a separate service to Private Practice.

What Happens After Payment?

Once your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to the appointment calendar where you will be able to book in your first appointment as well as an intake form that must be filled prior we meet. You will find slots at different times (between 12:30pm and 5pm) for SEPTEMBER appointments. Please note, Synergised Nutrition membership is NOT included in the Private Practice consultation fee.

Do I need to be based in the UK to work with Paula?

No! You will have access to functional lab testing and supplements regardless of where you are located.

How much are functional medicine lab tests?

It really depends on what lab(s) Paula recommends. However, she will always keep your budget in mind and so will list them in order of priority. So if you can only afford one, she will advise on what the best lab will be for you. If you want to find out more about prices, please visit this page.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No. The reason being is you need to be in the right headspace before starting this transformative process. If you are already looking for money-back guarantees then you are not preparing yourself for success. IPaula wants motivated self-starters who can follow instructions and are not looking for a way out before they even begin. If you’re not serious, don’t commit. But if you are, get ready for an entire body, mind & soul transformation!