Is Mould Toxicity The Underlying Root Cause Of Your Symptoms?

Mould toxicity is a very common underlying root cause of numerous chronic health issues and it often goes unnoticed!

The reason that a lot of conventional doctors overlook this particular issue is that a lot of the symptoms that come from mould exposure are similar to allergy-like symptoms such as itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, watery eyes, persistent coughing, a runny nose and skin rashes.

When I run functional medicine lab tests with clients, I often see mould markers but also other forms of yeast overgrowth as well. Imagine how toxic that is? They have all of these different organisms living inside of them producing mycotoxins.


  • Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Skin tingling/numbness
  • Itchy eyes/skin
  • Watery eyes
  • Metallic taste
  • Persistent coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Skin rashes
  • Fatigue


Mycotoxins affects our health in numerous ways:

  • Inhibits protein, DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • Damages cell membrane and mitochondrial function. 
  • Causes oxidative stress and depletion of antioxidant levels.
  • Suppresses the immune system.

These issues can then result in a wide range of symptoms, from the less severe allergy-based symptoms to autoimmune issues and possibly even cancer.

Even the World Health Organization has spoken about how mycotoxins can cause serious health problems!


Air you breathe: You might be breathing mould spores that can’t been seen (only underneath a microscope). There can be mould spores growing in the ventilation of your home and office!

The food you eat: There are many foods that can contain toxic levels of mould. Mycotoxins can grow on different crops penetrating right into food and go unnoticed when consumed!

Other things to watch out: If you ever got flooding or leaks in your home, unless you did mould remediation with a professional company then you most likely had mould growing there!     


  • Make sure you have a mould remediation company come to your home and test it. A lot of the times the testing itself is free of charge.
  • Run functional lab testing to check for mould toxicity.
  • Be cautious with the foods you eat.

The Organic Acid Test is best for assessing gut health but it has some mould markers as well.

You can also run a specific Mould Toxicity Urine Test that screens for seven mycotoxins and four species of mould from a single urine sample.

If you suspect you have mould toxicity, you can work with myself or another certified integrative health practitioner. That way you can assess your levels through functional lab testing or just go straight to a comprehensive protocol that will address this naturally!

Regardless of how you were exposed, the most important thing to do right now is to remove the toxic mould from your body so that it stops causing you further harm and damage.

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