Signs of Poor Drainage & Detox

Our lymphatic system is a huge part of the detoxification process when it comes to draining toxins from the body. We have 4 times the amount of lymph in our bodies than we do blood! However, unlike blood which is continuously being pumped around the body, the lymphatic system is a manual pump, meaning it needs our help to properly drain. For instance, activities such as exercise, sweating, sauna and massage are all ways we can help keep our system from getting backed up. If this fluid is not properly drained it can build up and manifest in a variety of symptoms.

Besides all of the many man made toxins we come into contact with daily in the environment, here are some signs that you are showing poor draining and that you need to perform a detox!

  • Skin Rash or Acne 

  • Suffering from problems with your skin can be linked to food sensitivities, dehydration or a number of other causes. When you start to experience things like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, or even adult acne, this is because of the increased inflammation and reduced circulation that come with poor lymph drainage. You must look at what it is that your liver cannot process. The skin is being irritated and this is now being pushed up to the surface and showing itself in these common symptoms.

  • Dandruff

  • A large amount or frequent dandruff is an indication of an imbalance on your scalp, or your skin in general. It's possible this issue could be topical, but usually if your body is performing well internally, it won’t have a problem looking after itself topically! It’s important to turn your attention to gut issues, such as leaky gut, and ask why your body is not doing a good job at draining these issues. 

  • Cellulite or Spider Veins

  • Cellulite is a big issue when it comes to poor drainage! This shows that there’s not a good lymphatic flow above the body to remove toxins. Your lymphatic system could be compared to a one-way street. What happens if someone pulls over and stops on the one-way street? Well, it causes a backup of cars. This is exactly what happens to the lymphatic system! It gets blocked from a lack of movement, and fat cells are then able to move into the upward layers of skin causing the bumpy texture.

  • Stiff Ankles, Calves, & Feet

  • Waking up in the morning with stiff ankles, calves and/or feet, could be due to poor lymph drainage function. You might have stiff and creaky joints, soreness and general achiness – especially when you first wake up – if your lymphatic system isn’t draining excess fluids as it should. This is because if you have poor detox, you’re most likely to have inflammation. You need parts of the lower body, for example your calves, to pump all the fluid back to the top half of your body and your heart. Your lymphatic system needs to be able to pump from the bottom up and it cannot do this properly when there are drainage issues. This can also lead to toxic water weight, and swelling - lots of people mistake this for body fat!

  • Frequent Colds or Infections

  • When your lymphatic system isn’t working properly, your immune system takes a hit. This can mean an increase in colds, bacterial infections and a cough that just won’t go. If you’re someone who gets sick easily, you need to be looking at causes such as leaky gut, immune problems or hormonal imbalances, all of which are factors that lead to inflammation and poor drainage. Your liver must be working optimally in order to properly balance your immune system!

  • Allergies

  • You might find you’re more sensitive to mould in your home, or you might be experiencing allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, and if you don't have a history of allergies, it's all the more reason to suspect lymphatic issues.

  • Sweating 

  • Not sweating in times when you should, like when you are in the sauna or exercising, is certainly a sign of poor drainage, it could be an imbalance of your nervous system, it could be a blood pressure based issue, an electrolyte issue, low thyroid, or low metabolic rate. Not sweating when you should be is a problem, the way your body drains and detoxes is by sweating through the skin. People generally lose about a liter of water a day from their body, so you may need to look at your hydration levels and if you’re consuming enough fluids. 

  • Swollen Glands

  • Swollen glands can be in your neck just behind your ears, in your armpit, your groin or behind your knees. Swollen glands are quite literally a backup of your lymph fluid! 

  • Waking up between 1/2am - 4am

  • Spontaneously waking up between early hours of the morning, although only touched on by scientific studies, has been shown to be connected to the detox time in the evening, when the liver is detoxing the deep amount of toxins in the body, and the body being overloaded. So, when there is a lot going on in the body, this uses more energy and can often wake you up. Continuously waking up at these times is something to be aware of if you think you may be suffering from poor drainage and detox. 



    Lymph drainage is a vital process for eliminating waste, toxins and pathogens in our bodies. Unfortunately, poor diet, lifestyle and environmental factors all affect our lymphatic system, which in turn affects our entire body! This is because lymphatic drainage not only eliminates toxins and excess fluid in the body, it also helps move white blood cells through the body, which is essential for detoxification! 

    Starting a functional medicine detox can feel like a big step, but it doesn’t need to be as daunting as you think! Our 21 Day Reset provides you with all the material and guidance you could need, in addition to the correct supplementation to perform the best detox possible. 

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