Top 4 Most Common Skin Issues

Did you know that your skin is your largest detoxification organ? 

Remember, your skin is the reflection of your body inside. So, anything off inside will manifest on the outside and in particular, your gut health. Majority of skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema actually have an imbalanced gut as the root cause.

 It’s not about taking steroids for skin rashes, accutane for acne or antihistamines for skin itchiness. That’s just putting a bandaid on top of your symptoms and it’s not actually addressing the underlying root cause. 

My job as an integrative health practitioner is to ask WHY and this is how I’ve been able to help hundreds of people with skin issues in my private practice. Have a look at my testimonials to see the examples of some incredible transformations!


Acne means that your blood is full of toxins. Your body is pushing out hormones, toxicities, food sensitivities and poor protein digestion. 

Common causes of acne:

1. Gut health – Leaky gut means you’ll have excessive toxins in your bloodstream. One way to release these is through the skin which will then lead to acne.

2. Hormones – Do you have high testosterone levels, are estrogen dominant or are your adrenals out of balance? Do you have raging cortisol? If so, you need to know what is causing your hormone to be out of whack. Each individual has different hormonal imbalances and root causes for it.

3. Food sensitivities – These occur when your body can’t digest food properly. Food particles are transferred to the bloodstream and it can confuse the immune system and trigger inflammation. This can eventually lead to acne and other skin problems.


It is a chronic inflammatory issue that is common in women as they age. It can be triggered by environmental factors and can also be linked to inflammation. 

It commonly affects the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and for some, it can also appear on their neck , back, scalp arms and legs.


Both of these can be caused by the immune system going “crazy” inside the body. The symptoms differ as psoriasis can get very itchy/sore with red bumps and often scaly while eczema is itchy, turns red, burns and stings. However, the causes are very similar:

1. Gut issues – Poor digestion,  alcohol, poor diet/poor food combining and antibiotics can cause a leaky gut. This widens the gaps in our gut wall allowing stuff like bacteria, yeast and food particles to be spilled into our bloodstream. It will then alert the immune system which will eventually lead to inflammation.

2. Overworked liver – The liver is responsible for filtering toxins in the bloodstream but because of excessive toxicities, it needs to work harder leading to exhaustion. When this happens, excess toxins are released through the skin. 

3. Food sensitivities – Food particles that are not absorbed by the body will be converted to toxins in the bloodstream. Eliminating highly sensitive foods like dairy and gluten are not enough. You have to identify which foods you are highly sensitive to. A food sensitivity test will help you determine which foods you need to avoid or to consume less. Alternatively, my GI Protocol teaches you how to identify the foods that might not agree with you right now.

4. Stress – This causes increased levels of cortisol which triggers inflammation and as a result, you’ll experience skin flare-ups. 


You may be finding short-term relief from things that you can apply topically, but if you want to be free of these “diseases” you need to dig deeper on the underlying root causes. Remember, there’s always a reason “WHY” and that is where you need to start. 

Always look for a professional that can guide you through the process.

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