A Case Study On Fatigue, Brain Fog & “Unexplained” Symptoms

Hair tissue tests tell you so much about how your lifestyle impacts your health. And this case study proves it.

Taking the step towards improving health and well-being is an empowering choice, and we commend those who dedicate themselves. In this case study, we explore the journey of a 30-year-old male who presented with a range of symptoms, including:

  • Brain Fog
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle Loss
  • Fatigue

Lab Recommendations

  • Hair tissue test

Lab Findings:

  • Potassium levels were 4x greater than they should be!
  • Elevated Copper Levels
  • Slightly elevated phosphorus 
  • Slightly elevated mercury 
  • Some aluminum toxicity

Understanding this person's health story reveals a lot about why they felt the way they did. They lost a bunch of weight quickly, and still, their body was under stress due to low calories and intense exercise. They weren't getting enough nutrients and protein, which are crucial for the body to work optimally. High copper levels could have been from their surroundings, and zinc levels needed attention because copper and zinc balance each other. To fix copper levels, more zinc was needed. Low zinc could have been due to various reasons such as recent sickness, hard exercise, yeast overgrowth, stress, or detoxing from heavy metals. The test also showed higher phosphorus, signaling the breakdown of their body tissues, especially during rapid weight loss. Even a small increase in phosphorus needed serious consideration.

Interestingly, aluminum levels were high, although the person avoided typical sources like toxic cookware or aluminum-containing products. It is possible that the rapid weight loss caused fat cells to release stored toxins, including aluminum, explaining its presence in the body and showing up on the hair tissue test.

The body was clearly shutting down causing feelings of weakness and muscle loss. All of which was supported by the elevated potassium levels as well as phosphorus, highlighting the impact of rapid weight loss on body tissues. Despite following a healthy plant-based diet, their body needed more anabolic foods (as opposed to catabolic) and these are found in fish and meat. We always encourage a plant-based diet but in cases like these, assuming that the individual is open to it, integrating a few portions of high-quality animal protein in the interim can speed the process of restoring the body's strength and vitality.

In simple terms, the ongoing fatigue and brain fog was likely being caused by the lack of protein and nutrients. These insights underscore the critical role of a well-balanced diet in ensuring that the body receives the essential nutrients it requires to operate optimally, particularly during periods of weight loss and intense physical activity. 

As we delved into the details revealed by the test, we crafted specific changes to improve this individual's well-being. Recognising the unique needs of their body, we adjusted their daily vitamin routine to address specific deficiencies. Additionally, a targeted detox plan was implemented to help the body eliminate toxins, particularly heavy metals, known contributors to brain fog and fatigue. These changes were not just about managing symptoms but were designed to provide the necessary support for the body to recover and thrive.


UPDATE -  “This is an update on how things are going after a recent check, and the results are really good. Feeling tired used to be a big issue, but now it's much better. The confusion has cleared up, and thinking is clearer. I feel so much stronger and definitely more energetic, showing that the protocol is working!”

This success story shows how personalised health changes, guided by thorough testing, can make a big difference. It proves that making specific adjustments can really improve your overall well-being. 

As we celebrate these positive changes, let it remind us that we each have the power to work towards better health and a more energetic future.

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