A Case Study on Low Libido, Brain Fog, Sleep Issues, Constipation, and Weight Loss Challenges

A Case Study on Low Libido, Brain Fog, Sleep Issues, Constipation, and Weight Loss Challenges


In the realm of healthcare, certain symptoms often act as red flags, signalling deeper underlying issues. In this case study, we delve into a 26-year-old patient's journey through low libido, brain fog, sleep disturbances, constipation, and weight loss challenges. Through a functional medicine approach, we explore how a personalised approach and targeted interventions can lead to transformative results.

Understanding the Initial Consultation:

The client presented with a mass of symptoms, including foggy thinking, thinning hair, low libido, interrupted sleep, cold extremities, constipation, and weight loss resistance. Traditional medical evaluations often overlook imbalances that contribute to such symptoms. However, a comprehensive functional medicine consultation revealed crucial insights.

Functional Lab Tests and Findings:

Lab Recommendations

  • Comprehensive Hormonal Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Lab Test Findings:

  • Low waking cortisol
  • Low functional TSH
  • High bedtime cortisol
  • Utilising our at-home functional lab tests, specific biomarkers shed light on the root causes behind the client’s symptoms. Key findings included low waking cortisol, low functional thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and elevated bedtime cortisol levels. These findings provided critical clues to the underlying dysregulation within the endocrine system.

    In a study published in PubMed, researchers demonstrated the significance of cortisol levels in sleep patterns and overall endocrine health, aligning with our client’s experience.

    Interpreting Insights:

    The correlation between cortisol levels and disrupted sleep patterns unveiled a crucial aspect of the client’s challenges. Elevated nighttime cortisol hindered melatonin production, leading to poor sleep quality and morning fatigue. Additionally, despite conventional thyroid tests falling within the "normal" range, suboptimal thyroid function was evident, contributing to metabolic slowdown and associated symptoms. Research findings underscore the intricate relationship between cortisol and melatonin production, further validating our client’s experience.

    The Importance of Comprehensive Testing:

    This case underscores the limitations of relying solely on conventional thyroid panels. By incorporating comprehensive hormonal assessments, including T4, T3, and thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO), a more nuanced understanding of thyroid health emerged. Undeniably, an intricate interplay between the thyroid and adrenal glands exists, showing the necessity of evaluating multiple endocrine axes.

    Tailored Recommendations and Interventions:

    With a holistic understanding of the client’s physiology, targeted interventions were implemented. Addressing underlying stressors, such as gut dysfunction and liver congestion which has been well-researched in the past few years and may be a target for optimal overall wellness (trillions of bacteria in the digestive system work with the brain, immune function, and endocrine pathways), formed the cornerstone of the wellness plan. Strategies to optimise cortisol rhythm, improve sleep hygiene, and replenish essential nutrients support thyroid function and overall vitality.

    Follow-up and Transformation:

    After 15 weeks of dedicated intervention, the client reported significant improvements across all domains. From enhanced morning vitality to restored libido and normalised bowel habits, the transformation was remarkable. This holistic approach not only alleviated symptoms but also empowered the client to reclaim their health and vitality!

    Final thoughts 

    The case study exemplifies the power of a personalised, functional medicine approach in uncovering and addressing the root causes of complex health challenges. 

    We offer personalised protocols in our private practice, If you would like to start your journey towards a 'symptom-free' way of living, join us and work 1 to 1 with a Synergised Integrative Health Practitioner.


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