Allopathic Medicine vs. Natural Medicine: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

Conventional Medicine

In allopathic medicine, symptoms are treated with pharmaceuticals. So, if a person has a condition that creates pain, drugs are given to reduce the pain. If a person has signs of inflammation, drugs will be given to lower inflammation. A condition causes the symptom, the symptom is ‘dealt with’, whilst the condition continues under the surface. This is because eradicating symptoms does not eradicate the reason that they occurred in the first place.

Most pharmaceutical medications that are prescribed is about ‘managing’ the illness and suppressing the symptom, rather working at a root cause level. It is also widely overlooked that these medications that suppress symptoms can be highly toxic, hence the long list of side effects that comes with every medication.

Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is different. Natural medicine focuses more on the WHY rather than the what. Why is the person experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms in the first place? Then, when we have worked out the WHY, we approach the issue holistically. 

Natural medicine looks at the body, rather than the symptom in isolation. If we only look at parts of the body in isolation, we will constantly be chasing our own tail, because EVERYTHING is connected in the human body. When one part of the body is impacted, this has a knock-on effect elsewhere. This goes for ‘treatment’ as well, if you ‘treat’ one part of the body, another part is affected. This is why so often you can take medication for one symptom, which clears up, but then you immediately have another symptom that you need to deal with. 

An Example

The patient has acne. The doctor prescribes antibiotics to get rid of the acne. The antibiotics wipe out the bacteria in your gut microbiome, causing gut issues and symptoms of IBS. There is no exploration of the IBS, just ‘management’ and anti-sickness tablets for when they feel nauseous or FOODMAP diet. The IBS leads to Leaky Gut, resulting in increased food sensitivities and heightened allergies, such as hay fever and asthma. They are then prescribed an inhaler and/or antihistamines. The medication and sinus issues have led to more headaches. The patient starts to rely on painkillers. The painkillers alter the patient’s pain threshold, which impacts their sleep quality. The poor sleep quality negatively impacts their mental health and they start to feel depressed and are not looking after themselves as much as they should. They are prescribed antidepressants. Their acne returns. Do you see the never-ending cycle of treating symptoms, resulting in more symptoms? This is why looking at the body as connected machine is so important! 


Holistic Health

Approaching health holistically is so vital to not only overcoming health concerns without triggering a whole list of other symptoms, but for preventative health. Natural medicine and holistic practitioners look at the whole picture: we focus on mindset, nutrition and educate the patient so they know WHY their body is feeling the way it does, so they are empowered to give it what it needs to heal. We don’t just suppress symptoms and hope the issue will resolve itself beneath the surface. For this reason, Synergised Nutrition focuses on three aspects: Mindset, Learn & Nutrition. 


Did you know that our thoughts can make us sick? With the go-go society we live in, we never switch off and so our body rarely returns to homeostasis. This constant alarmed stage (aka “fight or flight” response) will over time lead to inflammation, which is a precursor to loads of chronic diseases.

We can also turn on that response in anticipation of some event or by revisiting an unhappy memory that is engraved within us. So, we either anticipate stress-response-producing experiences or we recollect them. When we turn on the stress response and can’t turn it off, our body begins to break down and that’s when we head to disease.Synergised Nutrition’s guided meditations are the ultimate tool for taking back control of your mind so you can take your physical and mental health to that next level.

There is a meditation for everyone: sitting, walking, lying down – whatever your preference is that day! Plus, there are meditations from 10 minutes long to over 30 minutes, so they can fit in with your schedule.


Inflammation is at the core of most common health issues, from mild symptoms such as weight gain and fatigue at one end to hormone imbalances and autoimmune conditions at the other.

As a gut-health expert, I know the root of most chronic inflammation stems from our gut and so every food that you eat is either feeding inflammation or fighting it. That’s why you need to choose what foods you put into your body wisely if you’re serious about optimising your health.

With all of the information online, it’s hard to know what to eat. Having used nutrition as one of the pillars in helping hundreds of clients with chronic health issues, I now know what truly works in the real world and I have applied this knowledge to all my recipes so you can experience the powerful benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet yourself. 


Did you know that you are more likely to make positive changes for your health, if you know the reasons why you are making the changes?

I share my expertise of integrative health which combines various forms of medicine (functional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional naturopath and more!) to ensure that I give you the best possible chance in successfully reaching your health and wellness goals.

I regularly discuss topics that are fundamental to your overall health, to educate you on various different exciting subjects that are transformative for your wellbeing. Understanding your body and health is the first step in making positive changes to ensure lifelong wellness!

Synergised Nutrition

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