Are You Showing Symptoms Of Low Thyroid?

Medical doctors usually won’t explain all of these different symptoms to you and the problem is that you’re left not knowing why you feel how you feel.

It’s time to start connecting the dots to figure out what’s wrong with the body.

Remember, there is always a reason why!


1. Increased worry, anxiety and overwhelm

It could be multiple things but a lot of people are suffering more from sympathetic nervous system dominance and they’ve become depleted after being stressed for a very long time. At this point, the thyroid starts to decrease.

The optimal range for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) is 0.5-2 and in conventional medicine the range sometimes goes up to 5. If TSH is higher than that, we know now that the person is heading towards low thyroid.

It is vital to have this tested every 6-12 months maximum to allow you to catch it at its earliest. If you don’t, it can have a big detrimental effect on your metabolism.

2. Memory loss or brain fog

When people have been in a state of chronic stress and the body starts to become run down and move towards the adrenal-based fatigue, the thyroid moves again with it. This is why a lot of people in their 30s, 40s or 50s start to experience memory loss or brain fog.

People often start to move into hypothyroidism before even getting to adrenal fatigue because the thyroid regulates energy and metabolism. Your body is down-regulating energy and metabolism because it thinks it is in a survival-based situation and so it starts to lower the caloric-based demand. This means that it will lower the number of calories you need to maintain the same weight.

It will also try to conserve energy so it doesn’t burn as much calories in order for you to stay alive so it will shut down overall energy.

Therefore, if you start getting the memory loss, don’t just assume that you’re heading to Dementia or Alzheimer’s because a lot of the times, it’s actually low thyroid.

3. Constipation

Yes, constipation could be due to dehydration, stress, gut issues and lack of fibre. However, when you get a drop in metabolic rate you also get a slowing of the peristaltic movement.

A lot of people that think of low thyroid, only associate it with weight gain. Remember, that is only one part of the metabolism.

With hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, we’re often looking at a slower detox capacity as well. 

4. Sleep disturbance

A lot of people are able to fall asleep with low thyroid but they end up waking up multiple times somewhere between 12:00am and 4:00am.

The thyroid controls the metabolic function of our body and any imbalance in thyroid can trigger issues such as insomnia and interrupted sleep.

Remember that thyroid is connected to the adrenal glands and so can throw cortisol levels out of whack. This then directly impacts our sleep.

When we look at Thyroid, we look at TSH to T4 and T3 and that is how thyroid basically works, TSH produces T4 and then regulates T3. In conventional medicine, when someone is given a thyroid-based medication it is usually T4 because that’s supposed to help convert into the cell to T3.

Those people with higher T4 numbers actually have a greater chance for certain types of diseases such as cancer. The body is getting the T4 that it needs but it is not converting to T3.

5. Feeling cold and/or cold hands and feet

As you down regulate energy production and metabolism, that will automatically lower circulation. Remember, energy is required to pump the blood throughout the body!

Low thyroid could also be a sign of not being able to sweat given the lower metabolic rate. Your body is doing it for survival and it is slowing everything down so that hopefully you slow down to get the rest that the body needs to heal itself.

Remember, your body is not messing up, it is trying to protect you!

6. Unexplained weight gain

A lot of people start to get unexplained weight gain even though the calorie input and exercise routine is the same. Your metabolism is pretty much dictated by the thyroid so it makes sense that you’re not able to burn body fat and keep the weight off as you were in the past.


If you don’t have as much energy production, feeling overall anxious, irritable, lower libido and just not as much vitality for life, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to measure your thyroid.

Once you know what your toxicities and deficiencies are, you can begin to heal your thyroid.

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