How Does Your Skin Reflect Your Liver?


In the modern world, especially after 1900, we had over 77 thousand man-made chemicals put into our environment. These toxins include things such as pesticides, plastic, chlorine and the sodium & fluoride in tap water.

Just because your body maintains and pushes through daily life does not mean it is working optimally. Your body is gradually breaking down day after day because of all the toxic load that it has to deal with. We eventually get to a point that our body cannot deal with it anymore and that is when we start to experience symptoms of “diseases” such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.


A study conducted by The Environmental Working Group called “10 Americans” found that 10 Americans tested positive for more than 200 different toxins (many of which are known to cause cancer). To me, it is pretty scary stuff, but you know what is scarier? That the 10 Americans that they studied were unborn children!

We are already coming into life with all of these toxins because they move from the mother’s blood to the foetus through the umbilical cord. The topic of whether we live in a toxic world is therefore, in my opinion, no longer a discussion and the problem is that our liver is dealing with this on a daily basis.

You can eat the best organic food in the world but if you’re breathing in the air, drinking tap water or putting any cosmetics on your skin that are not completely natural, you are automatically exposed. Even if you don’t drink tap water, the ice cubes in a restaurant for example are full of chlorine, fluoride and even arsenic. This is why every individual that lives in this planet should be doing a full-body detoxification every quarter.


Skin-based reactions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea usually come from poor digestion and intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut). This means that amino acids, bacteria, yeast and other toxins are being slipped through the gut wall into our blood stream which are then filtered through the liver.

Our liver is then trying to clean all of the “stuff” and then on top of that has to filter things such as the fluoride that you just drank the tap water, heavy metals or the chlorine vapours that you just breathed in when you were showering. The liver simply cannot keep up and so our body starts flushing all of the toxins through the skin and this is when we start seeing all of the skin-based inflammatory reactions.


You can add good food, good exercise, and good supplements, but the problem is that we already have too much in our bodies. We need to focus more on the process of removal.

We have to hit the RESET button.

I recommend doing a 21-day Reset first if you’ve never done one before and then just maintaining it with a 7-day Reset every quarter.

Skin issues are almost always gut related but making sure that your blood is clean is a vital element of the healing process and many people see drastic improvements in their skin from that alone. On top of that, a detox helps open the detoxification pathways and it allows the body to better assimilate the GI Protocol.


This is a science-based detox and very different to things such as “detox teas” or juice cleanses. A true detox actually supports our liver so it goes through phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification.

When our liver goes through this process, it turns the harmful fat-soluble toxins that are stored in our fat cells into water-soluble toxins that then exit the body through the bowels, urinary tract, lungs, or skin. It needs vitamins and amino acids in phase 1 and then it takes sulfur-based amino acids and antioxidants in phase 2. 

You’d also want to follow a specific reset food plan that doesn’t cause more burden to your liver during those 7- or 21-day Reset.

It is not rocket science and skin issues really are not a mystery! My job is to provide you with the information that not only has worked wonders for me but has been proven to work for thousands of people just like you.

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