Signs You Need To Take At-Home Lab Test

Have you started a journey towards optimum health? Unfortunately, relying solely on annual blood work might not provide the comprehensive insights needed! This is because conventional medicine holds limitations. Even if your blood work falls within the typical range or is described as ‘normal’, it does not mean ‘optimal’.

Have you been told you have ‘normal’ blood work, yet feel anything but normal? For instance, suffering with symptoms such as skin issues, digestive problems, fatigue, or adverse reactions to various foods? 

The complexity lies in the fact that blood, as a homeostatic fluid, compensates for imbalances by redistributing nutrients from various bodily sources. For instance, if the body lacks calcium, it extracts it from the bones; if it lacks fatty acids, it withdraws from organs. This equilibrium maintains balance but can lead to imbalances elsewhere, affecting vital elements like red blood cells, oxygen levels, iron, arteries, and thyroid function. Over time, these imbalances can escalate, impacting overall health.


While conventional medicine excels in addressing diseases, it often overlooks the more subtle stages preceding these conditions. This is where Functional Medicine lab tests come in! They provide a deeper understanding of your health by examining the root cause of your issues. These tests don’t diagnose diseases; instead, they explore the underlying imbalances that can eventually manifest as diseases. Problems like low energy, skin troubles, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and even mood can be addressed comprehensively through at-home lab tests. 


If you are suffering from ‘unexplained’ symptoms, taking an at-home Functional Medicine lab test is essential, particularly if you resonate with any of these signs:


  1. You Are Searching for Answers to Your Persistent Health Concerns:

If you find yourself caught in a web of unexplained symptoms – fatigue, skin problems, digestive issues – and conventional medicine has left you with more questions than answers, functional medicine lab tests can provide the clarity you seek. These tests uncover subtle imbalances, revealing the root causes of your health challenges.


  1. You Are Tired of Hearing Your Blood Work is ‘Normal’ When You Feel Anything But Normal:

Being told your blood work is ‘normal’ can be incredibly frustrating when you're far from feeling normal. Functional medicine tests dig deeper, analysing specific markers and biomarkers, painting a detailed picture of your health that standard tests might miss.


  1. You Are Striving for a More Comprehensive Understanding of Your Health:

Functional medicine lab tests offer a comprehensive view of your health, analysing various aspects such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and more. This in-depth analysis provides a holistic perspective, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being.


  1. You Are Eager to Address Underlying Issues at the Root Cause and Not Just Treat Your Symptoms:

Functional medicine focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues, rather than merely alleviating symptoms with pills or creams. By identifying imbalances early on, you can proactively address these issues, preventing them from evolving into serious health conditions in the future.


  1. You Are Determined to Explore Alternatives Beyond Conventional Medicine:

Functional medicine operates outside the confines of conventional medicine, offering alternative solutions and insights. By embracing functional medicine lab tests, you open the door to a wealth of information that can guide your health journey in unique and personalised ways.


  1. You Want a Personalised Roadmap and Wellness Plan Based on Your Specific Results:

One of the most significant advantages of functional medicine lab tests is the personalised approach they offer. Your unique test results serve as a roadmap, guiding the creation of a tailored wellness plan. This plan addresses your specific needs, helping you make targeted lifestyle and dietary changes for optimal health. With the overload of information we’re not being exposed to on a daily basis, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a fad diet or “magic” supplement but the reality is that there is no “one size fits all”!



Functional medicine lab tests are invaluable tools for those seeking a deeper understanding of their health. If you resonate with any of these signs, it's time to consider exploring the world of functional medicine. By uncovering underlying issues, you can embark on a journey to holistic well-being, addressing problems at their roots rather than just suppressing symptoms. The knowledge and insight gained from these tests empower you with knowledge to take charge of your well-being, and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic health. 

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