Staggering Soil Statistics: What Does This Mean For Our Health?

Minerals Depletion in Soil:

  • 6% less protein
  • 16% less calcium
  • 9% less phosphorus
  • 15% less iron
  • 38% less riboflavin (B2)
  • 20% less vitamin C
  • 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient


Reasons for Depleted Nutrition:

  • High carbon atmosphere
  • Cheap fertilisers
  • Food picked before it’s fully ripe
  • Weakened digestive system
  • Low calorie diets
  • Skipping breakfast
  • ‘Paleo’ and Keto dieting


How To Combat This

We should be adding 2-3 cups of fruits and vegetables to all 3 meals each day. I generally recommend 1-2 cups of fruits and 5-7 cups of vegetables every day.

However, not only is it not super realistic that we get 7-9 servings of organic, fresh fruit and vegetables a day, it’s also unfortunately not enough (although it’s a great start!) Due to the mineral depletion in soil, this is unfortunately still not enough to absorb all the nutrients that we need for the day, so we must supplement in addition to the increased veg & fruit intake. 

Supplements do not replace; they complete your healthy diet. You need to choose your foundational supplements wisely. These are the supplements that are the building blocks to good health; the supplements that you absolutely NEED to be taking every single day to support your mind and body.

It is important to note that not all supplements are made equally. I cannot express the number of times that clients have shown me their supplements routine and I unfortunately had to let them know that they were wasting their money because, either the dosages were not high enough, or the formulations of vitamins and minerals were not in their most bio-available form, and therefore not easily absorbed by the body. They were very often causing more harm than good as well due to the way the formulations were made. As a result, they were just excreting the supplements they were taking, without reaping the benefits.

I use the Daily Essential Formula, which offers your foundational supplements in ONE shake, with the highest quality ingredients in their most bioavailable form. 


What This Looks Like


  • Breakfast: 1-2 cups of berries, 1 cup of greens, 1 serving of the Daily Essential Formula
  • Lunch: 2-3 servings of vegetables (salad or cooked)
  • Dinner: 2-3 servings of vegetables (cooked)

Check out recipes on Synergised Nutrition for well balanced, nutrient-rich meals!

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