The 3 Essential Hormones For Optimal Health

If you often feel sluggish, fatigued or have low mood, know that there is most likely a hormonal imbalance.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to blame the decline in cognitive ability, mood, metabolism, and overall energy on the aging process but the reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Every single human being has a personal threshold, which means that they can deal with multiple things up to a certain point, whether that is poor diet, lack of movement, relationship break-ups, low paid jobs, etc. These things start to build up in the body, bringing people closer and closer to that threshold until it is finally reached and this is when people start getting sick. So yes, these symptoms tend to happen later in life because it took a while to reach that threshold and not because you’re getting older. Don’t blame this lack of vitality on aging!

An imbalance in the hormones outlined below is one of the first things that is affected and you will be able to turn a lot of things around by working on this alone.



Estrogen dominance is extremely common and I see it all the time in my private practice when running at-home saliva hormonal tests with clients. This happens when progesterone levels are on the lower side compared to estrogen (even if estrogen is within range).

These two hormones must stay in balance with each other and when one goes off, estrogen starts to act like it is high. Unfortunately this is something that your conventional doctor wouldn’t tell you because they look at hormones in isolation!

When a woman becomes estrogen dominant, they start to gain weight around the hips, become more prone to irritability, mood swings and post-partum depression.

This can happen in men as well that convert more testosterone into estrogen than they should.


When the adrenals start to get fired up due to stress (whether it is real or perceived), you will start to produce more cortisol and this is the “fight or flight” response. The body will then bring glucose into the bloodstream to give you fast fuel so you can either “fight or flee”. Again, you might actually need this energy if you’re in real danger or doing a HIIT workout but you might just be getting stressed about a deadline or sitting in traffic…

If you don’t actually need the energy, you will not use that glucose that was brought into the bloodstream and you will store it as body fat (usually in the abdominal area).

On top of that, the elevated levels of cortisol produce inflammation which will then increase estrogen, affecting the quality of your sleep, which will in turn affect your mood…

This saliva-based test is the best way to check for your adrenals as it will look at cortisol output throughout the day. However, if you’d like to check for estrogen dominance as well, then the comprehensive hormonal test would be the best test to run as this looks at estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and more!


Thyroid hormones can be severely affected by adrenals that are not functioning optimally. When the body is constantly in “fight or flight” mode, it starts to lower the thyroid.

The truth is that the thyroid can become affected by a wide range of things. including elevated cortisol levels, heavy metals, toxins and gut issues etc.

Lower thyroid hormones will lower your mood, increase sluggishness and lower your metabolism, therefore making it really difficult to lose the weight!

You can test how well your thyroid is functioning with this easy at-home thyroid test.


The good news is that it’s very easy to start balancing all of these hormones if you get on a good wellness plan!

Completing my health protocols (21 Day Reset & GI Protocol) is a great place to start.

If you’d like a more personalised approach, I highly recommend running lab tests and then working with me privately. By seeing what imbalances YOU specifically have, we can go after the issue directly.

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