The 3 Main Causes Of Acne


Cystic acne or acne in general means that the blood is unclean. Your body is pushing out hormones, toxicities, food sensitivities and poor protein digestion.

I often advise my clients to start with a full-body detoxification first in order to clean out their blood. I focus on a specific type of functional medicine detox which will help tremendously in the beginning because clients won’t be feeding the bacteria or yeast and will be supporting hormonal balance as well. The detox will help their body to pull out all of the hormones and toxins, stopping them from being pushed through the skin.

This will provide that immediate relief and improvement whilst we look a little deeper in terms of finding where all the bacteria and yeast is coming from.


The bacteria and yeast usually originate from the gut, so our job is to first look at what is going on in that gut. Is there fungal, bacterial-based overgrowth or parasites?

When your gut is not functioning properly, it is leaking proteins, bacteria and candida which are being pushed out through the skin.

 You need to make sure that you clean up your gut by either following my specific GI Protocol or by working with someone who knows what they’re doing in terms of biofilm disruptors, not using probiotics in the beginning and using candida and bacterial-based formulas to eradicate those first.


If you need to go deeper (which you might) you may want to look at hormones. Do you have high testosterone levels? Do you have high levels of estrogen? Maybe even high levels of cortisol?

We can usually identify what type of hormonal imbalance is going on by looking at numerous symptoms and can then correct it with supplementation and diet. However, it is crucial that you don’t navigate this by yourself (been there) because each hormonal imbalance is different and by taking supplements blindly you can really exacerbate the problem.


Sometimes it is something as simple as an IgG food sensitivity. This is a delayed response and therefore not as easy to detect. For example, if today you’re reading this on a Tuesday, there might have been a food you ate on Sunday that is causing you the skin rash/pimple today. That does happen, and it is called an IgG reaction.

However, if you have food sensitivities this usually means that you have gut-based issues. When I had the cystic acne and constant eczema flare-ups, there were more than 10+ foods that I reacted to. This is why gut health is such an important part of the equation.

 Once we look at the underlying root cause, the body naturally rebalances and heals itself. This is when we see all of the skin issues “magically” go away… 

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