The 3 Thoughts That Are Holding you Back From Your Health Goals

My job as an integrative health practitioner is not just to help my client heal the body from a biological and physical approach but encourage a shift in mindset as well. I truly operate from a holistic perspective and strongly believe that whether you are working towards healing skin issues, digestive disorders or autoimmune diseases, the power of the mind is just as important as the supplements and nutritional plan you follow.

As children, we pick stuff up from our parents, siblings, teachers and community and make it part of ourselves. Sometimes those things are great but sometimes they hold us back in life. We have these sayings that just play on loop inside of our heads that become “who we are”.


Each of us has our own unique skills, the problem is we can’t just say “we’re not good at this”. The truth is that you’re going to encounter so many things in life that you need to do and which you may not be good at right away in order to get to your goal.

A lot of the times, what stands between us and our goals are things that we don’t necessarily want to do or that we feel “we’re not good at”.

If you catch yourself saying that, ask yourself “what am I missing?”. If your health is not at the level that you want it to be, you’re probably missing some data. You’re  likely missing what’s actually wrong at a deep, underlying root cause level. If you have acne, skin flare-ups, digestive issues, brain fog or fatigue for example, you may find out that your gut is not working optimally or maybe your hormones are out of whack. How about an overworked liver or heavy metals? Sometimes it’s just as easy as a couple of missing minerals.

Whenever something is extremely difficult and taking way longer than it should, you’re likely missing something. At that point, you should ask for help, whether it is from coach, mentor, family, etc. Whoever is at the best position to help you. Just don’t say “I’m not good at this”, work towards figuring it out!


People want to get well but it’s “too hard” to eat well, or “too hard” to take supplements or “too hard” to maintain a positive mindset.

When a client comes to me saying something like that, I tell them that yes, it might be “too hard” at this moment and it might seem difficult now.

Do you really expect everything in life to be easy? What fun would that be? If there were no challenges in life, you’d have nothing to overcome and you’d never feel like you’ve accomplished anything. If you never accomplish anything in life then may start to feel depressed and apathetic because there is nothing left. You’re going to lose your zest, your vitality and that is the biggest enemy of anti-aging.

Give it some time. The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well be working on a worthy goal.


If you give up, you’re basically saying that something has power over you and it is too hard to overcome. The problem with that is that if you started working on it in the first place, there was probably a goal on the other side that you were looking to achieve.

The more times you say “I give up”, the more it begins to create a mindset and an attitude of failure.

If the first strategy didn’t work, it’s not a bad thing. You now have figured out one more way that it isn’t going to work but there are only so many different possibilities.

For example, if you have digestive based issues, there is less than a handful of possible causes. For autoimmune issues, we can go directly to gut based issues, heavy metals and liver toxicity. Remember, there are only so many things, that’s it. You can’t give up because you just figured out one more way that it wouldn’t work.


I need to get my clients to believe in themselves and believe that they can and will get well. My job as an integrative health practitioner is to kind of get a little bit of that life coaching in there. Integrative health is about incorporating the best of everything so how could I not combine the belief of helping my clients reset their mindset? We NEED that in order to heal.

Even though my protocols are scientifically- and clinically- based, it’s not just about clearing up the skin or the digestive issues and that’s it. It’s about healing the person as a whole and this is why my work is as much focused on mental health as it is on physical health.

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