The Gut And Skin Connection

If you have a skin-based issue, you most likely have a gut-based issue as well. This is what so many people miss and even if they realise, they fail to fix it fully. It is deeper than just taking a probiotic.


Environmental toxins, ibuprofen, stress, antibiotics, birth control and processed foods all contribute to a breakdown in the gut. Tap water and artificial sweetener also has a major impact because the chlorine wipes out a lot of the good bacteria in the gut. Our gut wall then starts to become compromised leading to “leaky gut syndrome”.


Leaky gut refers to increased intestinal permeability and when this happens, it allows bacteria, parasites, food particles and larger protein strands to enter out bloodstream. Our body then doesn’t see the amino acids of the protein but sees little pieces of chicken or fish. This is when our immune system turns on because it sees these as foreign to the body.

When we have a cut in our skin, we cover it with a band-aid to prevent anything from outside getting a direct line into our blood stream. The same thing happens with our gut, we have our blood stream right outside the intestines

If you don’t fix your gut health, you can’t fix anything else. You work on everything else after you get your gut health in proper order otherwise every time you eat, you’re spilling foreign elements into your blood stream.

A lot of the time it gets unnoticed because we think a lot of the symptoms that we walk around with on a daily basis are “normal”. It’s not our fault because no one has really told us that bloating, cramping, gas, feeling tired after a meal, constipation, loose stools, headaches or brain fog are not really normal.


Skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema for example are a perfect example of leaky gut.

There is yeast, bacteria and proteins spilling into the blood stream and the liver cannot handle it so it pushes it through the skin. Remember that the skin is our largest detox organ, so it is a great way for our body to detoxify. When your body sees larger food proteins, it begins to react and this triggers an inflammatory reaction. This is where your genetics matter.

When I had leaky gut, I used to get terrible eczema flare-ups and this is something than runs across my family. The inflammation causes an issue with your genetic programming, so yes, genetics do matter but only if there is a causal factor for them to be turned on.


If you have some kind of improper gut function, chances are you are on the road to a slow decline in both mental and physical health. You can be eating the best foods in the world but if your gut is not working optimally, you won’t be able to absorb the nutrition from the nourishing foods you’re eating. You are likely to be deficient in numerous vitamins and minerals due to the malabsorption of nutrients. This is another reason why many women can have fertility issues, if they are lacking nutrients their bodies won’t allow them to reproduce.


You can protect and rebuild your stomach and intestinal tract by following a specific protocol.

This is something you can overcome, and you can absolutely heal if you work with the right practitioner. I figured this all out through my healing process and if I could get well with not the greatest genetics or inflammatory markers in the world, I can assure you that you can too.

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