The Top 10 Reasons To Detox

The word “detox” gets used a lot in the health and wellness industry. However, many people and brands tend to overuse the term, the overgeneralisation of the word “detox” has reduced the power and benefits that are actually achieved when performing a Functional Medicine Detox. 

Today, we live in a world full of toxins, our bodies are feeling the burden of stress, heavy metals, and everyday toxins such as pesticides on our food and chemicals in our household and personal care products. Unfortunately, this means rates for chronic illness are rising, people are thinking about either how to get healthy or how to prevent illness and accelerated aging. Implementing a few small lifestyle changes is always a good starting point, but to truly reset your entire body and flush the accumulation of toxins, it’s essential that everyone performs a functional medicine protocol like the 21 Day Reset. 

For those new to detoxification, we have identified the top 10 reasons as to why detoxing is so important!

1. Boosts Your Immune System
No matter how hard we may try, we are all exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis. This could be as simple as through the foods we eat and the air we breathe! By removing and eliminating these toxins, and refueling the body with healthy nutrients, detoxification will support a strong immune system and renew our ability to maintain optimal health.


2. Reduces Inflammation
When you perform a Functional Medicine detox, you flush all of the toxins that have been accumulating in your body, you allow your inner organs to work how they should, according to their functions. When all the toxins start to decrease, the process of healing begins, and this results in reduced inflammation.

3. Clear Your Body of Heavy Metals
Heavy metal exposure is caused by the accumulation of certain metals in the body's soft tissues. This can be due to exposure through food, water, man-made chemicals, and many other sources. Removing heavy metals through detox protocols is a very common recommendation by Integrative Health Practitioners as it helps you to support your body's natural detoxification pathways. You can find Synergised’s FREE heavy metal detox protocol here.

4. Improves Your Mood
Effective detoxification will enhance, and stabalise your mood. The 21 Day Reset balances blood sugar levels which will calm the sympathetic nervous system which can reduce anxiety and induce a calmer state of body and mind.

5. Helps You to Lose Weight
Today many people condition themselves into thinking that losing weight is simply counting calories, eating less, and exercising more. This is of course, to some degree, a factor of weight loss. However, functional medicine detoxes play a significant role in aiding weight loss through a targeted approach to nutrition. By following a protocol like the 21 Day Reset, you can effectively reduce toxic water weight and achieve a healthier balance in your blood sugar levels.


6. Slow Aging
Performing a proper detoxification protocol will reduce overall stress on the body, this is known to slow the aging process by lowering the rate of cellular decay.


7. Improve Your Skin
Your skin is a reflection of what’s happening with your inner health. Diet and environmental toxins have an effect on the appearance of your skin. By eliminating toxins from the body, the detox programme helps to reduce the burden on your liver, which can often result in breakouts and skin issues. When your body is healthy, free of toxins, and absorbing nutrients, you will experience improved skin and a healthier complexion!


8. Increase Energy
We all experience some level of fatigue at certain points, however feeling a general sluggishness or suffering from chronic fatigue is often a sign your body needs to remove excess toxins. The 21 Day Reset is a comprehensive programme focused on providing essential nutrients and herbal extracts to support optimal energy production in your body. The protocol encourages the consumption of nutrient-dense foods that provide sustained energy throughout the day while eliminating potential dietary triggers that can lead to energy crashes.


9Improve Your Sleep
During the beginning stages of detoxing, you might experience an increase in sleep problems. This is a good thing! It means the body is ridding itself of toxins and clearing its inner pathways. If you can work past the initial healing, you can experience improved sleep onset, fewer awakenings during the night, and a more restorative sleep, leading to increased energy levels and better overall well-being.


10. Reduce Brain Fog
Toxins and free radicals that accumulate in your body can also affect your brain function. A Functional Medicine detox provides the brain with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Detoxes such as the 21 Day Reset help to improve focus, memory, and overall cognitive performance as the program encourages the consumption of nutrient-dense foods and the elimination of potential dietary triggers, which can further contribute to reducing brain fog and promoting mental clarity. 


A Functional Medicine detox targets your nutrition, inflammation, blood sugar, hormone imbalances, sleep, mood, and more. It is a protocol that works on your entire body to help you feel your best and improve your overall well-being. 

If you're breathing air, eating food, using cosmetics, cleaning your home, or drinking tap water, then a detox protocol like the 21 Day Reset is for you! Unlike many of the ‘detox’ fads flying around in the wellness world today, a proper Functional Medicine detox will help you to see and feel the difference!


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