What Your Dermatologist Is Not Telling You


If you have adult acne, skin rashes or accelerated aging skin, it is a warning sign that the body is oxidising and aging faster on the inside. These inflammatory based issues tend to originate from gut-based dysfunction in the majority of cases but can also be related to liver congestion, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities and even heavy metal toxicity. There is always a reason why and you can without a doubt, figure it out. 

Stress is also an important culprit. It can create gut-based issues, inflammatory-based issues and immune-based imbalances. For this reason, besides the gut rebuilding, you have to get control of your overall stress to fully heal. 


The way conventional medicine practitioners operate is that they match “symptoms” (i.e. skin rashes”) with a “disease” (i.e. eczema) and prescribe medications accordingly (i.e. steroids). The problem is that these symptoms do not need to be medicated – they need answers as to why they appeared in the first place. 

Dermatologists usually don’t know anything about the gut and if you go to someone that does have that knowledge such as a gastroenterologist, they know nothing about the skin. They fail to understand that everything is interconnected and this is where holistic medicine comes into play.

Steroids, isotretinoin, antibiotics and synthetic hormones are not curing skin conditions, they are suppressing it temporarily. If instead of addressing the problem you opt for the temporary quick fix that these medications provide, you will be causing further harm to your body. Any medication that is prescribed will hurt in the long run, possibly leading to another problem. Then you will be prescribed another medication to deal with that other problem and this will likely lead to an additional problem and so on down the line. 

There is nothing wrong with conventional medicine, especially for acute-based care. What I’m saying is that if you have a chronic based health condition, don’t mask those symptoms because it will only lead to greater issues. Your dermatologist is not trying to harm you, they are simply helping you the best way that they were trained to do so. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that harm isn’t being done and the truth is that the scope of what they practice is extremely limited. 

It’s time to stop putting a band-aid on your symptoms and start getting deep within the body to find out what exactly is triggering the inflammatory skin-based reaction. 

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