Why You Need A Morning Routine

As you may have seen, I have launched a NEW PROTOCOL! I have launched a Morning Routine Protocol, which will help you start your days in the best possible way, to have the best possible day. 

But why is a morning routine so important? I’ll tell you… But firstly, what is a morning routine? 


A morning routine is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a routine of practices or tasks that are performed every single day. Creating a routine that is designed to fit with your lifestyle, whilst helping you make steps towards your goals (the small ones, and the big ones!) will help you build habits and skills that will vastly improve your day-to-day life AND ensure you actually reach those goals. Naturally, my routine is focused on enhancing my health goals. 

Here are just some of the science-backed reasons why a Morning Routine, that focuses on your health, should be a staple in your day (there are so many benefits, you’d be reading all day long!):


An important part of a morning routine is practicing some kind of mindfulness, meditation or grounding exercise. These practices have been proven to drastically improve how you cope with stress and anxiety. 

It is so difficult to be in the ‘present’ in today’s fast-paced society. Stress and anxiety build up and sometimes you feel like you are on autopilot, and not really living. Meditation and mindfulness make being present less difficult, so you can really start living a life of vitality. 

Plus, these practices make you more able to acknowledge negative self-talk or intrusive thoughts and correct or let them go. Imagine how much more you could get done when you’re not in a constant state of worry or stress? 

Stress and anxiety don’t just inhibit your time, they are highly detrimental to your health. Stress and anxiety cause a ‘fight or flight’ response, which results in increased hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, being released, increased inflammation and reduced function of your other bodily systems. This is ideal in the rare situation that there is actually an imminent threat, but incredibly dangerous to be activated on a regular basis. Read more about the impact of stress on your body in this post and this post. 


I’m sure many people can relate to ‘rushed mornings’ and, often, morning routines are dismissed due to being ‘too busy.’ In fact, morning routines will make your mornings less chaotic. Plus, my Morning Routine Protocol is designed with busy people in mind. 

Adding structure to your morning will ensure that you are not manically rushing around, being barely present whilst grabbing an unhealthy ‘snack’ for the commute to work, which will not benefit your day, nor your overall health. This daily experience adds stress, but with a morning routine this is vastly reduced by adding structure to ensure the tasks are taken care of, and YOU are taken care of, so you can attack the day with your best self forward. 

More structure + less stress = increased productivity. 

By adding structure and ensuring your body and mind are nurtured, your productivity will noticeably increase. The structure will not only reduce stress, thus improve your overall health, but make healthy habits the norm for you. 

Implementing these healthy habits on a daily basis, in the structure that I recommend in the protocol, will result in a healthy mind and body which will serve you for the rest of your day. It also teaches discipline, which will serve you in other areas of your life too, win win! 


A morning routine will benefit all areas of your life, from your career and goals to your personal relationships and self-confidence. However, what will be most prevalent will be the transformative effect on your health. 

All the above, plus the added nutrition, daily nutritional supplement recommendations, daily detoxification and movement practices that I recommend in my morning protocol, benefit your health and fitness. Ensuring you are eating the best breakfast for your body – one that is easy to digest, full of nutrients, and will keep you full and focused – will give you the best possible physical start to the day. 

This nutritional advice won’t just benefit your day, by regularly consuming good nutrition and supplements, you are taking care of your body in the long run too. Diet and supplementation can have the power to reduce inflammation, improve energy levels, improve skin and physical appearance, rebalance your hormones and microbiome and even overcome chronic illnesses or fight cancer. What you put in your body on a daily basis is key to a happy and healthy life!

The mindset practices, incorporating movement and adding structure will do amazing things for your stress levels and physical fitness, thus keeping your body in a healthy balance and improving your overall health further. 


A good AM routine takes care of your mornings, which takes care of your days, which improves your weeks, months and years. A morning routine is a non-negotiable for me, as I know that my health would not be where it is today without it. 

In the new year, so many people set goals and often these revolve around career, relationships or personal goals. However, a lot of the time setting goals to improve our health is neglected. This should be the number one priority, as your health will define how quickly and easily you meet the goals in other areas of your life. 

A morning routine improves your mental and physical health so dramatically, that the rest has no choice to follow. You will be in a better place to be a good partner, a star employee, start that business or make more effort with friends, when you are happy and healthy. This comes from setting the intention of improving your health and doing the work, and a morning routine is the best place to start. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Click here to learn more about my morning routine or purchase the protocol – it will make even the biggest night owl a morning person!! 

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