AquaTru Water Filter

On Episode 135, I excitedly shared the discovery of a groundbreaking water filtration system that has quickly become my new favourite - the AquaTru Water Filter. After extensive research, I'm thrilled to offer this game-changing water filter to our community, and the benefits it brings to your life and well-being are truly remarkable!

Contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals are commonly found in tap water posing serious health risks. Unfortunately, not all water filters are created equally and a high-quality water filter is required to eliminate all contaminants present in tap water.

AquaTru is a game-changer in water filtration. With its four-stage reverse osmosis process, it removes contaminants like lead and chlorine, delivering clean water you can trust. What's great is that it Is easy to use and doesn't require complicated installation!

But here's the best part: we've secured an amazing discount with AquaTru of over 22%! Use the code SYNERGISED to save on your purchase. Let's raise a glass to cleaner, safer hydration.

PS. Reverse Osmosis water filtration does remove the beneficial trace minerals
in water as well... But not to worry, you can simply add a few drops of liquid trace
minerals to ensure you're getting the most from your water.