My community often asks why I juice veggies more as opposed to fruits. Why is juicing veggies so beneficial, you ask? Well, it allows you to easily consume a concentrated dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, it helps you incorporate a variety of veggies into your diet, even the ones you may not enjoy eating whole.

This juicer is specifically designed to extract maximum nutrition and goodness from your vegetables. While other juicers may focus on fruits, this one shines when it comes to veggies. It gently crushes and presses the vegetables and fruits, minimising oxidation and preserving vital nutrients. The result? A vibrant and nutrient-rich juice that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

So, whether you're a health enthusiast or simply looking to add more veggies to your daily routine, this juicer is the perfect companion!