Mycotoxin Test

Mycotoxin Test

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Uncover Unexplained Symptoms 

Be the detective of your own body, with easy at-home functional medicine lab testing. Don’t guess, test.

If you've been struggling with sinus blockages, chronic digestive issues, brain fog, allergies, changes in mood or appetite, or sensitivity to light, you may be experiencing the harmful effects of mycotoxins in your environment or diet. But don't worry, the Mycotoxin test can help.

This comprehensive test screens for eleven different mycotoxins and forty species of mould from a simple urine sample. Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mould, which can infest your home, vehicle, or office without you even realising it. This test is one of the most effective ways to identify mycotoxins and their sources, helping you take control of your health and wellbeing. Don't let harmful mycotoxins go unchecked any longer – get the GPL-MycoTOX test today.

A simple at-home test in the comfort of your own home for ease of use, faster results and a healthier and happier YOU. 

-Mould toxicity can manifest in minor, uncomfortable symptoms that can range from fatigue, skin irritation, runny nose, sensitive to light, change in appetite, mood changes toallergies and coughs. If you have any of these symptoms that you can’t shake, then it’s worth running a Mycotoxin Test.

-Left unchecked, mould toxicity can evolve into serious issues. If you struggle with neurological issues, fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, heart disease, rheumatic disease, asthma, sinusitis, nose bleeding, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, depression, ADHD, autism, anxiety, or liver damage, then the GPL-MycoTOX test could be for you too.

-Mould toxicity can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. Exposure to mould and its toxins can cause a wide range of symptoms, including respiratory issues, neurological problems, skin rashes, and more. What's more, mould can grow in hidden areas of your home or workplace, such as behind walls or under carpets, making it difficult to detect. You can be exposed to mould through the air you breathe, contact with surfaces or materials that contain mould, or by consuming food or beverages contaminated with mould toxins.

-The GPL-MycoTOX is a comprehensive test that screens for eleven mycotoxins and forty species of mould from a single urine sample. It can help you determine if mould toxicity is the root cause of your health issues, so you can take back control of your health and prevent further harm.

-Lab test kit delivered to your home with easy to follow instructions and pre-paid return label.

-FREE 30 minute health coaching call with a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner to interpret your results and offer you an actionable plan, based on your specific results.

-Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1)

-Chaetoglobosin A


-Enniatin B


-Mycophenolic Acid

-Ochratoxin A (OTA)

-Roridin E

-Sterigmatocystin (STG)

-Verrucarin A

-Zearalenone (ZEA)


A Certified Integrative Health Practitioner will interpret your results and provide recommendations based on your specific result to help you achieve your goals.

An integrative health practitioner will use their extensive knowledge and expertise in natural health, functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to interpret and analyse your test results. They will use this information to provide you with actionable steps so you can finally get to the root cause that has been holding you back in life! By helping you identify potential root causes for any symptoms or health issues you may be experiencing and by taking a holistic approach, you can rest assured that you’ll be well on your way to achieving optimal health and wellbeing!

Results Interpreted by a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner

30 Minute Consultation Included

Uncover Potential Root Causes for Your Symptoms

Receive Recommendations On Your Specific Results

Work Towards Achieving Optimal Wellbeing



Hit ‘Checkout’ on the lab test

Your lab kit will be delivered right to your doorstep along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use it.


Collect & send your sample for testing

Simply follow the instructions provided and pop your sample back in the prepaid return label we sent you and arrange for a collection. Easy peasy!


The best bit

As soon as we've processed your results, we'll send you an invite to chat with one of our expert integrative health practitioners. They'll walk you through your results and you’ll leave the call with actionable steps that are easy to follow and tailored to your specific results.