RECIPE: Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Smoothie

This Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Smoothie has NO SUGAR, is HIGH PROTEIN & full of HEALTHY FATS.

This smoothie is for YOU if:

✅ You’re trying to eliminate sugar to stop cravings
✅ You’re working on resetting your taste buds for no sugar cravings
✅ You’re working on blood sugar levels to rebalance your hormones
✅ You’re cutting down on sugar for a lean body this summer


- Handful fresh spinach 
- 35g DEF 
- 1/4 frozen ripe avocado 
- 20g fresh mint leaves 
- 1-2tbsp cacao nibs 
- 300ml plant-based milk 

Try this out and give your body a nutrient BOOST.

It is also a perfect smoothie for an afternoon snack, a quick on-the-go lunch (or breakfast) or even as an after workout protein boost. Watch the recipe reel here.

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