The 3 Ways That Toxins Enter Your Body

A lot of people don’t take into account the role that toxins play in the body and this is why many struggle to fully get well.

Every single day, you’re exposed to a wide range of toxins, many of which are known to be carcinogenic. Whether that is pollution from the environment, pesticides in foods, mould, plastic, tap water, medications, household chemicals, the list go on… I honestly believe that detoxifying the body is not an option anymore. Everyone must be doing full-body detoxification and, ideally, on a seasonal basis. 

The body is not fully equipped to deal with the thousands of man-made chemicals we are surrounded by within today’s environment.

The reason that conventional doctors never talk about this is that they never run conventional lab tests such as environmental toxicity tests. This is a urine sample that you can do at home which tests for 172 different environmental pollutants. It’s an incredible lab test to run and is often overlooked!


1. Skin


The average adult has five million pores on their body with approximately 20,000 on their face alone. This means that anything you come in contact with is absorbed through the skin which then ends up in the bloodstream. The majority of the conventional skincare products that you buy in pharmacies or supermarkets are full of chemicals that are highly toxic to the body.

This is why you should always choose them wisely! The brands that I recommend can be found on my Shop page.

2. Ingestion


You can be exposed to taking in these pesticides and fungicides by the food you eat. That is why I always recommend eating organic as much as possible or at least avoiding the dirty dozen. 

The dirty dozen refers to a group of vegetables and fruits that you shouldn’t consume unless they are organic, as they are the ones with the highest amount of pesticides. You can find these here.

Be careful with heavy metals coming from things like fish high in mercury, cooking with aluminium foil or aluminium cookware! Mercury found in amalgam fillings and tap water should also be taken into account!

3. Breathing


You can breathe in chemicals coming from your cosmetics, things like mosquito repellents, household cleaning products, artificial scents, perfumes and break dust particles if you live in a city.

When you breathe in these toxins, they go straight into your nasal passages and your lungs and are then diffused into your bloodstream. From there, they can go to the cells, organs or move straight into your brain…


The key is to do your best to reduce exposure as much as possible. However, it is impossible to completely remove exposure to toxins and this is where a full body detoxification comes into play!

The best place to start is completing my 21 Day Reset and if you’ve done this already, then just make sure to maintain it by doing at least a 7 Day Reset every 3 months. 

Saunas are also an amazing add-on if you want to take your detoxification to a whole different level. You can actually buy a portable infrared sauna very easily and implement this practice from the comfort of your own home! 

It is extremely effective at detoxifying the body because it facilitates the excretion of toxins (including heavy metals) through sweat via the largest organ of the body: the skin.

Remember, toxins kill brain cells, damage DNA, create free radicals, and harm enzymes in your body. They just destroy your body! So when I talk about the importance of toxins, I really mean it!

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