Unlocking the Mystery: A Case Study on Chronic BV, Dark Circles, Bloating, and Thrush

Health issues can often feel like a labyrinth, with no clear path to resolution. For one 23-year-old female client, this included persistent BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), chronic thrush, dark under eyes, and bloating. 

Prior initial consultation:

  • Persistent BV
  • Dark under eyes
  • Bloating
  • Persistent thrush for many years

After struggling with these issues for years and trying various medications and supplements without success, she sought help from us. 

Let’s delve into her journey and the strategies that finally brought relief.

Before consulting with us, the client had attempted numerous treatments, including doctor-recommended medications and anti-fungal topicals like Canesten. Additionally, she had explored herbal remedies from a local herbalist, adding to her efforts for several months. However, despite these interventions, her symptoms persisted.

Upon our initial consultation, we created a comprehensive plan tailored to her needs. Fast forward six months to our follow-up appointment, and the results were very promising: she was feeling significantly healthier, receiving daily compliments on her appearance, and noticed the disappearance of bloating and dark circles under her eyes. However, challenges remained, as both thrush and BV persisted.

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION: -  6 months later

✅ Feels very healthy

✅ Received many compliments on how well she looks

✅ Bloating is gone

✅ No longer has under eye dark circles 

↗️ Thrush still present

↗️ BV still present

To further investigate and address these lingering issues, we recommended at-home functional lab tests, including our Organic Acid Test

This test provided crucial insights into her symptoms, revealing candida overgrowth in her system, along with markers indicating her body's struggle to cope with emotional stress. 
Surprisingly, there was no bacterial overgrowth detected, highlighting a localised imbalance in her vaginal flora.

Understanding the interconnectedness of bodily systems, we crafted a targeted plan to rebalance her gut microbiome and alleviate her symptoms. Given the link between thrush and yeast, we focused on addressing the underlying candida overgrowth. We then designed an eight-week supplement and nutrition plan, alongside four specific topical recommendations to tackle the vaginal bacterial imbalance contributing to BV.

Moreover, recognising the role of stress in exacerbating health issues, we incorporated recommendations to promote a shift towards a more parasympathetic nervous system state. 

Three months later, the results spoke for themselves: BV and chronic thrush were eradicated, and the client experienced a significant reduction in stress levels.

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION: -  3 months later

✅BV eradicated

✅Chronic thrush eliminated

✅Significant reduction in stress

Upon reflecting on her journey, the client showed deep gratitude for the profound transformation it brought to her life. She was utterly amazed to be free from the long-standing vaginal troubles that had troubled her for years.

"I’m currently nearing the end of month 3 of my modified protocol and wow!

I have just started my second cycle now, so that’s nearly two months I’ve gone with no vaginal issues or symptoms! After having thrush for probably 5 years and BV for about 1 year or so I forgot how it feels to feel normal and free.

I honestly can’t thank you enough and it feels magical to be at this point.

My mum cried when I told her I’m no longer experiencing these issues as she’s supported me this whole time."

Final thoughts 

This case study highlights the power of a functional health approach in addressing complex health challenges. By delving into the root causes and employing targeted interventions, we can unlock solutions that traditional treatments may overlook. For this 23-year-old client, the journey from suffering to freedom shows the potential for holistic healing.

As practitioners, witnessing such transformations is deeply rewarding. Each success story reinforces our commitment to guiding others on their path to optimal health. By sharing these case studies, we aim to illuminate the possibilities inherent in functional health and inspire others to embark on their own journeys towards wellness.

If you're facing similar health concerns or seeking to optimise your well-being, We invite you to explore our Private Practice and protocols. 

Together, we can uncover the keys to your health and vitality, paving the way for a life free from the constraints of illness.

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