Ancient & Brave Vegan Collagyn

Collagen is without a doubt, one of the most important proteins in our body. It is a major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts. This means that collagen is not only needed for healthy-looking hair, skin and nails but also plays a pivotal role in keeping tendons, ligaments and muscles strong.

The problem is that we start to produce less and less collagen as we age, and it starts to drop around the mid-twenties.

Ancient and Brave’s Vegan Collagyn is a blend of collagen specific amino acids, collagen protective botanicals, skin supportive nutrients and plant proteins.

It provides a truly plant-based alternative to bovine and marine hydrolysed collagen peptides – for vegan health and beauty. Available in three great flavours each with an impressive set of health benefits for body, brain and beauty. Use the code SYNERGISED for 10% off!

PRICE: £37