4 Reasons Why A Functional Medicine Detox Helps You Lose Weight Even When Nothing Else Works

Our bodies are bombarded with toxins from the environment, cosmetics, household products and diets, making it difficult for our natural detoxification system to keep up. There is only one type of Functional Medicine detox and this is one that focuses on the liver detoxification process. 

Our Liver Is The Most Important Organ For Detoxification

In today's world we come into contact with many man-made chemicals and toxins and as a result our liver is working in overdrive. If the liver is not working optimally, your body starts to break down and become overwhelmed.

When our bodies can’t lose weight, or we have been struggling to lose weight and when we finally do we can’t seem to maintain the weight loss, there is always a reason why. Your body is living in an unhealthy state and you begin to experience symptoms such as brain fog, low mood, sagging and wrinkles in the skin, fatigue, and low libido. You might even feel as though you’re aging much faster than you should be, and this is when we know that your body is overwhelmed. To lose weight you’ll also begin to cut calories and over exercise, even though your body is already trying to tell you that it’s overwhelmed or in a survival based state and overfilled with toxins! Asking your body to perform optimally with even less calories and even more exercise is an added stress- your body knows what’s best for you and what it needs to do to survive. If this sounds familiar you are probably aware of the result, you’re left with feelings of inflammation, usually an immune based reaction, and therefore feeling inflamed. You need to take a step back in order to look at the root cause of these feelings. 

Many of us will be living with bodies in an overwhelmed state, they’re dealing with the stress of internal and external estrogen’s, plastics, pesticides, dental amalgams and inflammation of the gums, and food sensitivities to name a few. There are two ways to address this, functional medicine lab tests to replace what your body is missing, and a functional medicine protocol, like the 21 Day Reset, to address these toxicities.


Don’t guess, test!

You must start by replacing your deficiencies, this could be omega 3’s, amino acids, vitamins or minerals and the only way to truly know is to test. You can utilise tests such as the Organic Acid test for vitamins, Hair Tissue Test for minerals and the inflammation test for Omega-3s. You will also need to address the toxicities that have accumulated over prolonged periods of time. Again, you won’t know which toxicities to address unless you test. To bring your body to a state of optimal health, not normal or good health, but optimal health to feel like the healthiest, happiest version of yourself - we need to remove the toxicities and replace the deficiencies. It sounds simple, there is a little more to it than this, but it also does not have to be complicated! You just need to follow the correct steps, which is why functional medicine practices all around the world will always recommend starting with a 21 Day Reset


What is a 21 Day Reset?

A 21 Day Rest is almost like hitting a reset button on your health. Our bodies and all their functions are connected, by following one process it enables you to flush your system of all the toxicity that has been building up inside of you. If you are looking for a complete refresh, a Functional Medicine detox is the best way to help you to start clean. Remember, it’s difficult to keep adding and putting more into your body if it’s already full or overwhelmed. The 21 Day Reset is about emptying or refreshing the body, it's a starting point to losing weight when nothing else seems to be working. 

A 21 Day Reset incorporates carefully selected supplements and dietary adjustments that are designed to support the body's natural processes. Here are 4 reasons it will kickstart your weight loss journey and help you achieve sustainable results:

  • Rebalance Your Hormones: 
  • If you have high estrogen levels, or even normal levels of estrogen but with low progesterone, there is always a reason why. Inflammation and body fat, adipose tissue and swelling is a big reason. Rebalancing a healthy level of hormones is the key in the overall equation to weight loss. A 21 Day Reset works by supporting the liver and other organs of elimination, to effectively excrete excess hormones, metabolic waste and environmental toxins.


  • Address Food Sensitivities
  • A food sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean this food is bad for you! However, some types of food may affect how you feel day to day if you are sensitive, for instance you may experience low mood or reduced energy. It’s important to empower yourself with the knowledge about your own health. A 21 Day Reset guides you through your diet and often eliminates the most common food sensitivities. The protocol encourages the consumption of nourishing, whole foods while eliminating potential dietary triggers that may disrupt digestive function.


  • Reduce Inflammation:
  • Did you know that 90% of diseases in the body are related to inflammation? The problem is, inflammation is not a root cause, there are root causes that cause inflammation. The 21 Day Reset is effective in reducing inflammation throughout the body by focusing on removing dietary triggers that can contribute to inflammation while supporting the safe removal of toxins to rebalance the body's inflammatory response.


  • Blood Sugar Regulation:
  • Blood sugar that peaks and drops throughout the day has a direct impact on your energy levels that will, in turn, peak and drop with your blood sugar. Chronically elevated blood sugar can lead to insulin insensitivity. This means blood sugar will stay elevated and cannot get inside the cell. The body will begin to gain more weight and even become carb intolerant, further limiting your diet. A protocol like the 21 Day Reset focuses on balancing blood sugar levels so that you can process carbohydrates as fuel, regulate appetite, reduce cravings, and maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.


    Supplying your liver with essential nutrients is of the utmost importance. By completing a Functional Medicine detox you are targeting your nutrition, inflammation, blood sugar, hormone imbalances, sleep, mood, and more, to start to refresh your entire body. The 21 Day Reset supplies you with all the methylated B vitamins, vitamin C, fiber, amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals to work synergistically to support the liver's detoxification pathways. Many fad diets, cleanses and 'detox' programs on the market claim to help you with your weight loss goals, but only a functional medicine detox actually works to optimise metabolism, reduce water retention, and promote fat loss.

    If you’ve never done a reset before, we recommend starting with a 21 Day Reset, and completing a 7 day reset every 12 weeks following this. 

    Our 21 Day Reset is currently out of stock, however keep an eye out for our restock as this is coming soon!



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