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A Case Study on Low Libido, Brain Fog, Sleep Issues, Constipation, and Weight Loss Challenges

In the realm of healthcare, certain symptoms often act as red flags, signalling deeper underlying issues. In this case study, we delve into a 26-year-old patient's journey through low libido, brain fog, sleep disturbances, constipation, and weight loss challenges. Through a functional medicine approach, we explore how a personalised approach and targeted interventions can lead to transformative results.

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A Case Study On Menopausal Symptoms & Rapid Ageing
Dealing with menopausal symptoms can be a challenging journey for many women, impacting various aspects of their well-being. From hair loss and hot flashes to interrupted sleep and weight gain, the list of concerns can seem never-ending. In a recent case study, we delved into the intricacies of these menopausal symptoms and rapid ageing to uncover a holistic approach to addressing these issues.
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Hidden Xenoestrogens That Cause Fatigue, Low Mood & Weight Gain

What are xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens are a subtype of endocrine disruptors that specifically exhibit estrogen-like effects. They are in plastics, tap water, pesticides, birth control pills, cosmetics, and personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, body creams, and shower gels

Discover where Hidden Xenoestrogens That Cause Fatigue, Low Mood & Weight Gain hide in cosmetics and household products.

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5 Essential Nutrients for Skin
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